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Yes it does. A spermicidal condom usually kills all sperm trapped inside the condom which prevents pregnancy.

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Q: Does using a spermicidal condom decrease the chances of pregnancy even more?
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What if a condom with spermicidal lubricant breaks and the partner ejaculates five minutes after the condom breaks what are the chances of pregnancy?

About the same if you weren't wearing one...

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you use a spermicidal condom and it breaks?

Well, the chances are lower than if you just used a non-spermicidal condom that broke, however you could still get pregnant

If the condom fell off inside of you with semen in it what are the chances of being pregnant?

If it wasn't a spermicidal condom there is a 2% chance of you conceiving.

What are the chances of pregnancy if you use two condoms and the second one is not a spermacidal condom and it breaks during your fertile period?

Hello, I am slightly confused about you using two condoms during intercourse. If you mean your partner was wearing two condoms, one spermicidal and one not spermicidal and the non-spermicidal condom broke, then this is nothing to worry about because your boyfriend was already wearing a second condom which will protect sperm from entering your Vagina.

How can you get HIVAIDS if you have a condom on?

Yes, you can but the chances decrease when you have one on.

What are the chances of her being pregnant if you used a condom with spermicidal lube and didn't ejaculate?

the chances of getting pregnant under theese circumstances, are very low.

What are the chances of being pregnant using a condom?

ANSWERIf you are using high quality condom and if condom was not broken during sex - chances for pregnancy are almost 0%.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant when using a condom effectively?

Using a condom correctly reduces the chances of pregnancy to less than .1%

The condom mignt have broken what are the chances of pregnancy?

The chances are extremely high...go get checked!

What if the condom leak what are the chances of pregnancy?

the same as if you never wore it.

Is there is chances of pregnancy if sperm is not enter in vagina by using condom?

No there is not.

Is pregnancy possible if a condom that's been ejaculated in gets stuck inside vagina for 3 days?

Yes if it is a condom that is not spermicidal and sperm has leaked out in the mean time it is possible

What are the chances of getting pregnant after a spermicidal condom broke inside the vagina and you take the day after pill?

Next to impossible chance of getting pregnant.

Is the spermicidal lubricant on condoms in the condom or on the outside?

Spermicidal lubricant is, I believe, usually on the inside of condoms.

What are spermicidal condoms?

You have lubrication on all condoms. Some say spermicidal and some say non spermicidal. If it is spermicidal this means that the sperm is killed inside the condom. And No spermicidal means it doesnt kill the sperm.

What are the chances of being pregnant even though a condom was used?

ANSWERCondom is a very good contraception method an the best preventive method from sexually transmitted infections. If condom was not broken during sex - no pregnancy should be expected and chances for pregnancy are 0%.

What are the chances of pregnancy without the use of a condom and when you are treating a yeast infection?

THe chances of pregnancy are the same as they are at any other time. You could be pregnant.

Is spermicidal lube on the outside or inside of the condom?


Will using a spermicidal condom once anally effect you?


Chances of pregnancy when using a condom and pulling out plus she is not experiencing any symptoms of pregnancy.?

Fairly low.

What is the chance of pregnancy if a condom was used and he withdrew before he came but you noticed a tiny hole halfway up the condom?

If a man properly pulls out and away before ejaculating sperm-filled semen, the chances of pregnancy are low even without a condom. If he pulled out his condom-covered penis before ejaculation, chances of pregnancy are nearly zero. And since the hole was both tiny and half-way up the condom, the chances of pregnancy are still nearly zero since he did not ejaculate while inside the vaginal canal.

What are the chances of pregnancy if i touched the head of the condom with the penis then put it on the right way?

There is a chance, you should have used a new condom.

If you use a spermicidal condom does some of the spermicide from the condom remain inside the female for a little while or does it just stop killing sperm one the condom is taken out of the female?

Some of the spermicide will remain in the female but not enough to protect against pregnancy once the condom is removed. Spermicidal condoms are being criticized for reducing protection against STDs--the spermicide makes cell membranes less resistant to infections.

How do you know if a condom has spermicidal on it before buying it?

It will say on the packaging.

Used spermicidal gel with no condom and came inside?