Does vampires still exist today

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It has not been proven for vampires to have ever existed. However, it is possible that they have existed and may still exist today.

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Q: Does vampires still exist today
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Is there any vampire still living around us in 2013 in today's world?

No. Vampires do not exist and never did.

Do the vampires and wolves still live?

vampires never existed, and wolves still exist.

Do werewolf and vampires exist in today life?

no they dont

Did vampires exist in the world or not?

Yes and they still do

Did vampires use to exist?

Vampires did used to exist and they still do but we are not the ones you need to be scared of, the ones that you need to be scared of are the werewolves

Did vampires and werewolves exist?

there are creatures like werewolves that used to exist. And it was proven that a hundred years ago vampires did exist. it is a mystery if they still do.

Are vampires walking around today?

Vampires are widely accepted as creatures of folklore, despite persisting rumors of their existence brought on by popular culture. Animal vampires - such as the Chupacabra - are still believed to exist, however.

Do vampires exist in real life today?

No, In real life days vampired no not exist

Are you lying about the fact that vampires still exist?


Does transylvania still exist today?

It is in Romania but sadly no vampires live there so if you ask a local where Dracula is they won't know where he is. Sorry! :-)

Do vampires really exist today?

No they do not, unless you speak of vampires of animals such as bats, who which don't even suck on blood.

Were can you find vampires today?

Some believe that vampires are real, some don't. I would imagine that if they do exist, they could be anywhere.

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