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A year on Venus is shorter than a year on Earth, but a "day" on Venus is much longer than a day on Earth.

I'm not sure exactly what you were trying to ask, but that should about cover it.

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Q: Does venus have less days than earth?
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How many years on earth is 1 year on venus?

A year on Venus is 224 Earth days and a day is 243 Earth days. This answer isn't bad, but remember the Solar day is "only" about 117 Earth days on Venus. I like the Solar day. It takes Venus about 243 Earth days to rotate once and that's what is called a Sidereal day.

A year on Venus is less than two days long?

yes a year on Venus is less than 2 days

How long is the Orbital period on Venus?

Venus takes 225 days to orbit once around the Sun. This makes one year on Venus less than one year on Earth.

What planet's days are longer than one earth year?

None. Venus has the longest rotation period of 243 days, less than a year.

How long doesit take for venus to orbit?

Less than the earth's time It takes about 225 Earth days to orbit the Sun.

How many earth days will make a venus day?

There are 243 Earth days for a Venus day - but a Venus year is just under 225 Earth days. Therefore - a day on Venus is longer than a year !

Why is gravity on venus different than on earth?

Venus has less mass than Earth does, and therefore has weaker gravity.

Is a year on Venus more or less than two days?

The Venus year is less than 2 Venus days.Because Venus rotates very slowly clockwise, the opposite direction of most planets, the "day" on Venus is caused by its orbit of the Sun. It takes Venus 243 Earth days to turn once on its axis, but only 225 Earth days to circle the Sun. The result (if you could see it through the thick clouds) would be an apparent noon-to-noon "day" of about 117 Earth days in length.So the Venus year (around the Sun) is about 1.92 apparent solar days on the planet.

Is Venus' gravity more or less than earth?

Venus is slightly smaller and less dense than the Earth is, so it has lower surface gravity.

How many days shorter does Venus' have?

Earth rotates faster than Venus by about 141 days.

How many days long is Venus' years?

Solar day (24 hours for the Earth): about 116.75 Earth days. Sidereal day (rotation period, about 23 hours and 56 minutes for the Earth): about 243 Earth days. Year: about 224.7 Earth days.

Which planet takes less than a year to revolve round the sun?

Mercury and Venus. Venus is the planet which takes less then a year to orbit the sun, it takes 224.7 earth days.