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yes, recent inquiries will drop you score. If you are shoping are for a mortgage you should pull your own credit report and see what the multiple lenders can do for you with our pulling your credit each time.

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Does applying for loans take a stab at your credit?

It increases it, for you are now more credible with someone's money, or you have more credit. Answer Too many inquiries can have an effect on your perceived credit worthiness. It is best to check your credit report before applying; fix any erroneous items and then your application is more likely to be successful.

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How often should you re-apply for credit?

Inquiries remain on your credit history for 2 years, and will affect your scores and ability to attain credit. Mortgage and Car loan inquires are a little different: the bureaus allow for "shopping time" so that multiple inquiries of this type of credit only count as one as long as they are within the same 30 day period. Usually when you are declined credit, they give you specific reasons for the decline. Fix the reasons before re-applying, otherwise, you will just be shooting yourself in the foot with added inquiries.

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What documents should be kept ready before applying for a mortgage?

The documents you need ready before applying for a mortgage are bank statements, check stubs, and financial documents.

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If I am divorced in Alabama where there is a 2 month waiting period before remarrying what state would allow me to marry without waiting 2 months?

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How long before a loan shows in your credit score and how many points will it increase?

typically, a credit score will go DOWN a little when you get a loan or have any inquiries on your personal credit information. The credit score usually goes up after there are reports that you have made timely payments on a loan and after you have some assets that are of real value.

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When you request your own credit report is that considered an inquiry thus lowering your score?

No. Information about the following types of inquiries made to your credit report are only released to you, not to potential lenders: 1. inquiries you make 2. inquiries made by companies for promotional reasons (e.g. "pre-approved" credit card offers) 3. inquiries made by current creditors for the purpose of an account review It depends on how, (or where) you request your credit. If you get the raw bureau data, from the credit repositories themselves, like Equifax, Experian, TransUnion and Innovis, that would NOT impact your credit score. Going to a vendor, even through the bureaus own websites, like those 3-in-1 plus+ score reports, will cause a hard inquiry to be generated and CAN cause a deduction to your score. Be certain where you are getting your credit information before you make a request. Controling and limiting credit inquiries are an important component to raising your credit scores.

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