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Cold water allows less of sugar and salt to dissolve, and warmer water allows more to dissolve. Water temperature affects its solubility.

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Does water temperature affect the speed at which sugar dissolves?

AnswerYes. The hotter the water, the faster it will dissolve.

Does sugar affect the melting speed of ice?

No it doesnt because sugar dissolves in water, so the melting range is the same.

How does stirring affect the rate at which sugar dissolves in water?

Stirring the sugar breaks down the particles, And dissolves the sugar faster.

When sugar dissolves in water water is the what and sugar is the what?

When sugar dissolves in water water is the solvent and sugar is the solute.

What factors can affect how a sugar cube dissolves?

the amount of water, hot water, stirring the water

Does the temperature of water affect the amount of sugar dissolved into water?

Sugar that is dissolved in hot water, dissolves faster than sugar dissolved in cold water.

What sugar dissolves in water through?

sugar dissolves in water through dispersion.

Which dissolves fastest in water do sugar or salt?

sugar dissolves faster warm water than sugar in warm water

How does the amount of water affect the speed at which sugar dissolves?

In general, the amount of water will not have a very strong effect on how fast sugar dissolves. As long as the solution is not saturated (in other words, it is possible to dissolve more sugar), the rate of dissolving will not be affected. Since sugar is pretty soluble, only if the mixture is pretty much a syrup will the solution be saturated.

Does heating water affect how much sugar it dissolves?

Yes. Warmer temperatures allow more sugar to dissolve.

What dissolves faster in heated water sugar or salt?

Salt dissolves faster in heated water. Sugar dissolves faster in regular water.

If sugar dissolves in tea is it positive or negative?

Sugar dissolves in water because both water and sugar are polar.

How can you speed up the rate sugar dissolves in tea?

You can stir the water or heat it up more!

Do sugar and water mix?

Yes. Sugar dissolves in water.

Does temperature affect the speed of salt water dissolving?

Salt dissolves faster in hot water than in cold water.

How do solutes behave in a solvent?

strring , grinding, and temperature affect the speed which a solid dissolves in water.

What happens when sugar is added to a beaker of water?

The sugar completely dissolves or, if there is too much sugar, some of it dissolves.

Does temperature affect how fast sugar dissolves?

yes, because if the water is a higher temperature when the sugar is dissolving in it, then the particles of the sugar move around faster and mix with the water particles quicker

What happens when you dissolve sugar in water?

The sugar dissolves in water, that is why the water becomes sweet.The sugar and water together forms a sugar solution. The water is called a solvent. Sugar, the substance that dissolves in water is called a solute. Water dissolves many substances. These substanes are said to be soluble in water. The ones that do not dissolve in water are said to be insoluble in water.

When sugar dissolves does it go out of the water?

No. When the grains of sugar dissolves in the water, the sugar is still there. If one should taste the water, they would discover that the water is sweet. Therefore, that proves the sugar remains within the water.

Does sugar dissolve in hot water or cold?

Sugar dissolves in both. However, it dissolves a lot faster in HOT water

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