Noise Pollution

Does water create noise pollution?


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yes water create noise pollution


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Water pollution: is the contamination of water with pollutants. Noise pollution: a noise above the permitted limit in a given environment.

As humans create more machines, the noise pollution increases. Some machines that create noise pollution are: cars, radios (loud music), motor boats, airplanes, etc. These machines create an irregular noise that the environment and animals are not used to and some species of animals have gone extinct because of noise pollution.

Yes it does create noise pollution because you use it for electronics and the electronics make noise and i like apple juice and elmo's world

The factories that produce the nuclear energy can create some noise pollution.

the noise pollution occur by the noise,the water pollution occur by the dust which we are throwing in the water,land pollution occur by the smok of the car ahd secret.

Tell me about air polullution noise pollution water pollution and land pollution on short paragraph?

There is pollution of...... ~ water ~air ~noise

noise pollution air pollution water pollution land/soil pollution

There are various Types of Pollution like Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution etc..In this section we discuss more articles about covering different types of air, land, noise, water and ocean pollution.

Noise pollution is excessive noise that can be harmful to animal or human life. Three main source of noise pollution in a neighborhood include loud car, people that create loud noise and animals such as dogs.

Air PollutionWater PollutionLand PollutionNoise Pollution

noise, air, water pollution

Water pollution ,land/soil pollution,air/environment pollution ,noise and radiation pollution.

Some forms of pollution areAir pollutionwater pollutionsoil pollutionnoise pollutionlight pollution

Some forms of pollution areAir pollutionwater pollutionsoil pollutionnoise pollutionlight pollution

Unfortunately, Chicago has water pollution, air pollution, litter, and noise pollution.


There are various types of pollution such as: air pollution - releases chemicals into the atmosphere; water pollution - waste water (sewage and chlorine) reaches the earth's surfaces which causes littering; noise pollution - which verifies aircraft noise, roadway noise and industrial noise; light pollution - increases over-illumination; and littering - the criminal activity of disposing man-made objects onto private property.

There are 4 types of pollution in the environment. These include Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and soil pollution.

noise pollution is a noise which afect the pollution

Water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution just to name a few.

because of human's .they are making pollution like water pollution,noise pollution and mostly air pollution

Technology causes noise pollution by the fans, motors, and turbines that provide energy to factories that create technology and hardware that is used for technology.

It is dependent upon what the noise is caused by and more often than not the scale tips toward...probably

The types of pollution are 1 Air Pollution. (It needs air pollution control ) 2 Water Pollution. (It needs water pollution control ) 3 Noise Pollution (It needs noise pollution control ) 4 Environmental Pollution (It needsenvironmental pollution control ) 5 Soil Pollution (It needs soil pollution control ) 6 Gaseous Pollution (It needs gaseous pollution control )

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