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Yes because salt is a substance that has high salinity and high temperature. Which means, salt will not freeze, unless you give it days or a week. Soda can freeze slower than salt, but not faster than water. Water probably is the fastest thing that freezes.

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Which will freeze faster water or soda?

water will freeze faster do to the sugars andcarbohydratesin soda

Does orange juice freeze faster than water and soda?

no water and soda freeze faster:) hope i helped:)

Does water or soda freeze faster?

Plain water will always freeze faster than a drink that is carbonated and/or sugary.

Why is that salt dissolves faster than baking soda in water?

salt doesn't dissolve faster in water than baking soda.....

What would freeze faster soda or water?

water because it only has one ingredient but soda has a lot of ingredient's

What dissolves faster baking soda or salt in water?

if you think it is baking soda you are correct

Which dissolves better in water salt or baking soda?

if you add baking soda to warm or cold water it will dissolve better and faster than salt!

What dissolves better in water - salt or baking soda?

If you put salt in warm or cold water it dissolves better and faster than baking soda.

Why does cold water freeze faster than soda?

soda has bubbles, which hold warmer air than the temperature you are freezing it at.

What will die faster a plant with salt water or a plant with soda?

If you try an experiment, it wont die.With soda it wouldn't grow with salt it will grow.

Which melts ice faster water or soda?

Ice melts faster in water than in soda. This is because soda has sodium (salt) in it, and adding sodium makes ice melt more slowly than it will in plain water.

How long does it take to freeze coke?

It takes a little under 30 minutes for a single soda can to freeze in a standard freezer. It would go much faster, however, put in a bucket of ice-water, especially if the water has salt in it. If in the freezer for too long, the can will explode. Likewise, this will happen even faster in the ice-water.

Does baking soda dissolve faster or slower than salt?

Baking soda dissolves faster than salt.

What dissolves faster baking soda salt or sugar?

baking soda dissolves faster than sugar and salt.

What makes water freeze faster then soda?

water has a freezing point of 0ºC. Soda is made up of different substances that make it have a much lower freezing point, which is why it is quicker to freeze ice cubes rather than soda ice cubes

Does diet soda freeze faster than regular soda?

No because the chemicals such as caffeine freeze at a lower temp

Why does water freeze faster then soda?

because soda(s) contain carbonation, which hold warm air in them therefore lowering the freezing temperature.

What evaporates faster water or soda?

water evaporates faster then soda

Does soda contain acids?

Yes soda contains acids that will not let the soda freeze faster.

Which dissolves faster in water salt or baking soda scientific meathod?

Baking soda because the individual grains are much smaller than salt grains.

Can can soda float in salt water?

A can of soda can float in salt water because the salt water is more dense than the can of soda.

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