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Q: Does wearing contact lenses affect the baby when pregnant?
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Does a sty infect contact lenses?

They should avoid wearing contact lenses..

Can you cry while wearing contact lenses?

We do not cry while wearing contact lenses because it is daily routine process to keep a soft lenses on the eyes natural lenses.

What age do you have to be to get contact lenses?

A minimum age of 13 should be there for wearing contact lenses..

What are the advantages of wearing grey contact lenses?

What are the advantages of wearing grey contact lenses you asked? Grey contact lenses will turn everything to a higher contrast but they are more expensive so it outweighs the benefits

How is it possible to get an infection by wearing contact lenses?

An infection can be caught from wearing contact lenses that are not clean or sterilized. Similarly, if the contact lenses are left in the eye for too long a period then the eyes may become infected.

Does wearing clear contact lenses enhance eye color?

Not exactly but wearing contact lenses glitters your eye -- your eyes feal watery and shining.

How many people wear contact lenses?

These days the trend of wearing contact lenses is very high. And 6 out of 10 people prefer contact lenses instead of glasses.

Name a downside to wearing contact lenses?

Lose them Easily

What has the author Lois M Reese written?

Lois M Reese has written: 'Helpful hints for wearing your contact lenses' -- subject(s): Contact lenses, Soft contact lenses

Does wearing contact lens contribute to any health issues?

There are no known major health issues to wearing contact lenses. Though without proper hygiene and care of the lenses they can cause eye irritation and infection. It is important to consult with your optometrist about any questions or problems you have with your contact lenses or before beginning to wear contact lenses.

Can you get HIV AIDS from sharing contact lenses?

You can't get HIV from sharing contact lenses. You can spread infections that way that can affect your vision. Get your own lenses.

Shoud I be Wearing contact lenses overnight?

No, you should be taking them out every night.

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