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Does white discharge mean you're pregnant?


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yes it can mean your pregnant if the discharge is white and stretchy-


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No. Getting your period means you are not pregnant.

It could be ovulation. The only sure way to know if you are pregnant is by taking a test.

i think since you don't ovulate after becoming pregnant anymore then you can't be pregnant if you still have the white discharge coming out to me its just a sign that your period is on it's way!!!

I'm not sure what you mean by "problem" but typically cervical discharge during ovulation has an "egg-white" consistency.

No thats normal it just means your getting close to your period!

clear and white but this can also be ovulation--if you're pregnant the discharge incease more--you're panty will be wet more but this is normal as long it white or clear--any other color can mean yeast infection --

Not necessarily. Many women have a discharge, pregnant or not. See the Related Link for symptoms of pregnancy.

If you have normal menstruation you cannot be pregnant.

Its highly possible ive heard im in the same boat :(

Maybe no, because it could mean an infection. see ur doctor ASAP.

It doesn't mean anything if you get white discharge. Most discharge is white in colour, the colours that may suggest a problem are grey or green, sometimes pink or brown (spotting) if inexplicable.

If your partner ejaculated once and you are ovulating, you can be pregnant, whether or not you have discharge. If you do not get your period on time, do a pregnancy test.

No, not necessarily. This is the exact description of normal cervical fluid that comes every month during ovulation. However, white, clear vaginal discharge can also be a sign of pregnancy.


No that is not a pregnancy symtom. Girls also get that when they are not pregnant. That white stuff that's coming out when you urinate is calles discharge. Its perfectly normal in girls. It doesn't mean your pregnant.

No it does not neccissarely mean that it can mean ur about to start your period

A white discharge usually means a vaginal infection.

No. If you're noticing a white, clumpy discharge it could mean that you have a yeast infection. The best way to tell if you're pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. If it's positive you should make an appointment with your doctor to confirm.

no. discharge is like thick liquid stuff which comes out of the vagina

it means that youre pregnant. no line is "not pregnant"

No! It is not a clear indicator at all that you might be pregnant.

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