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Does will smith have a dog in real life?

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Yes, several

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Is boo the dog a real dog?

Yes, Boo the dog is a real life pomeranian.

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she is 10

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yes he is a person in real life and there would be a person called luke smith but no he does not real he is a fictional charicter

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in real life no

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jaden smith is 12 years old in the summer of 2010.

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Go ask him. L0L.

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He haz a boobie rs8

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Will Smith is both his real life name and his name on the show.

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They are Father and son

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Matt smith is 30 years old, he will be 31 October 28th 2013.

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I know willow smith is not a African I saw her mom and dad In real life it felt awesome

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The Beast Inside: My Life With A Dog in My Body

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