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Does wireless internet work for a PC?

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Yes, you would have to purchase a USB, PCI, or PCI-X wireless device/card.

2008-08-26 12:50:30
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Q: Does wireless internet work for a PC?
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Will a wireless router work off a normal household modem if the modem is not connected up to a PC?

Yes. In fact, this is the standard, intended way for a wireless router to work. ISP/Internet service DSL/Cable-----> Modem---->Router )))))) PC ---> Cable ))))) Wireless

How can you make an old PC connect to the internet?

You have to have a Ethernet or Wireless card in your PC, then you can connect via Ethernet cable or wireless.

You have wireless PC if you use the internet cable all the time could you disconnect the wireless?

If your computer connected to internet with a cable, yes, you can disconnect wireless.

What is a PC wireless card used for?

A wireless PC card is used to provide a wireless network. This means that any internet-enabled device will be able to use the internet connection at that location without the use of cables.

How can you get wireless internet for your psp?

You'd buy a wireless internet package from an internet service provider. They'd send you a wireless router, which all of your devices (PC, Laptop, PSP) can connect to.

Can wireless internet work without wifi?

No, because Wi-Fi is the wireless part of wireless internet.

How can a person be able to access the internet anywhere on their pc?

A wireless internet card available from most wireless phone companies allows a user to access the internet anywhere a wireless signal is available.

How does wireless internet on PS3 slim work?

You have to have wireless internet and then the PS3 has the ability to connect to it.

Can an apple Computer receive wireless internet from a PC router?

I'm pretty sure the answer to this is "yes". I'm only stating this from personal experience, though. I have a Macbook and my mom has a PC laptop. The wireless internet router at our home is not by Apple and the wireless internet works on both of our computers.

What is the difference between Internet connection and wireless Internet connection?

Simple as for Internet Connection you have the cord from the router into your PC/Game System as for Wireless Internet connection well as i said its Wireless so it could be anywhere

How do you share the internet at home between 2 PC and include wireless internet?

The easiest way is to use a wireless router connected to your cable modem.

Is the logitech wireless keyboard able to work on a PC?

Yes. In fact, it's designed to work on a PC.

Do you hook the mac to the internet modem or to the wireless router versus the PC to the modem?

MAC/PC/printer to router. Router to modem. Modem to wall/internet. Wired or wireless router is optional, same principle.

How do you make a wireless PC to PC connection?

You will need a wireless router and a wireless adapter to have wireless pc to pc connection

Will an Xbox Live Wireless Networking Adaptor work if you don't have wireless Internet?

No unless a neighbor has internet which then it has to be unlocked or you have to get the wireless network's password.

What does a wireless PCI card do?

It allows a PC to connect to a wirless Internet source.

How can you connect wireless internet to your PC?

You must have a wireless interface card, such as a WiFi card, and you must be near a Wireless Access Point or have a wired connection to a wireless router.

Do you buy Internet on psp or get Internet from your PC?

Neither really. You pay for a connection from an ISP. Your ISP's signals go to your router through your phone lines. Then your PC is connected to the router (through ethernet or wireless), and that's how it accesses the internet. The PSP is no different, it connects to a wireless router and accesses the internet in the same way. It does not use the PC as a middleman, as such.

How do you upgrade your desktop PC to use wireless Internet?

With a wireless network card, you will also need a wireless router, contact your current ISP to upgrade.

Do you have to have a PC to get on the internet on a PS3?

yes you do or it will say eorr all the time you try (not true) You don't have to have a PC for the slim PS3 to get on the internet, but you do need internet access. Most people do not have internet access unless they have a PC already. Some people live close enough to free wireless access than they can log into the wireless connection that is near them. You may even have a neighbor who has wireless and will let you use there access. In any case you can purchase internet access without purchasing a PC if you choose to do so.

How can you make your desktop computer work with wireless internet?

add a wireless connection

Does the iPad work with wireless internet?

Yes but u habe to have a wireless source

Can a wireless laser mouse be also used on a desktop PC?

It may work with your Desktop. It depends if your PC has the capability to use wireless devices

Do you have to have a mac wireless router to get wireless internet on a mac PC?

No any router will work, get something like a belkin or cisco systems router, works on the same 802.11 b/g/n system.

How to turn on your wireless internet connection?

AnswerVery simple just turn on the switch of your wireless router and then turn your wireless connection switch in your laptop or connect to wireless connection if on PC.