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All TVS that you can buy are ready for the digital signal. You do not have to buy an HD TV to get a digital signal.

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Do you need a high definition TV if you have digital cable?

No. Your SD digital cable box will output Standard definition to your analog tv. If you do not have a cable box but have digital cable direct into your tv then you need a digital tuner. This does not need to be HD for Standard definition. If you do have a HD digital cable box then Yes you need a HD tv to view the HD channels.

Do HD TVs require a digital converter?

No, HD televisions do not require a digital tv converter. Older analog television sets will require a digital converter box. You will still be able to use your television once the digital conversion box has been installed.

Are all HD TVs digital now?


Do old TVs get digital cable?

Older TV can receive digital cable although they may not display in HD

Will satellite TV be all HD in February 2009?

No. All satellite TV is digital now. Some satellite TV is HD now, and more will be switching from HD to "standard" resolution. The February 2009 analog-to-digital switchover in the United States has nothing to do with HD. The digital conversion changes the format of the over-the-air broadcast channels from analog to all digital. But if you have satellite or cable TV, you don't get "broadcast" signals anyway.

What is a digital TV and where can I find one?

A digital TV is a normal non HD television. They aren't as easy to find now a days because everyone wants HD TVs now, but they can be found in used electronic stores.

How do you do the digital switchover on a samsung tv?

The set has to be built as a HD set to start with, there is no HD switchover.

Can a lcdhd tv be hooked up to a OUTSIDE ROOF antenna?

yes. or to an inside roof antenna. You will get HD only if your antenna is tuned to a station broadcasting in digital HD, and if you TV has a digital tuner.

What is the Difference in clarity between digital and hd tv?

480i , 480P ,

Will an Hd DVD player work with a standard digital tv?


What kind of tuner should you get in your new television?

Digital full HD

How good is a HD digital video camera?

You will see a difference beteween a regular and HD digital video camera. HD offers sharper imaging quality and you will see a difference in picture quality even if you don't play it on an HD TV.

Is a DVD/VCR combo compatible with HD television?

DVD VCR Combo connected to HD TV cant pick up digital TV. For it to work it has to be connected to a tuner which is purchased.

Did you need a box to view HDTV?

If you mean free Over the Air (OTA) TV using an antenna: 1) If you have an HD TV set, you don't need any kind of special box. 2) If you don't have an HD TV set, but your TV set has a digital tuner, you don't need a special box, but you will see the HD picture converted to a Standard Definition (SD) picture. 3) If you don't have an HD TV set and your TV set does not have a digital tuner, you will need a converter box. The converter box will convert the HD broadcasts to SD so your TV can display them. If you mean cable TV, it depends on your cable provider and your TV. If you don't have an HD TV, at best you will see an HD signal converted to SD. If your TV has a digital tuner and it is also a QAM tuner, you might be able to receive some HD channels without a box if your cable company chooses to provide unscrambled HD channels. If your TV has an analog tuner or a digital tuner without QAM, you will need some sort of box.

where can i find a local pawn shop in my area i am looking for a hd tv and an answering machine?

You have look hd tv and an answering machine in digital shops not in pawn shops.

Can casio tv 980-d be converted to digital?

Old analog type TVs cannot just be "converted" to digital. You will need a converter box or buy a HD tv.

What is a HD digital camcorder?

HD digital camcorders are hand-held video cameras for consumer use which allow the use to record video in high definition quality. They can be connected to an HD television for viewing, or to a computer to be edit the video footage.

Do you need any special equipment or service to use an HD High Definition TV?

Using HD TVSome satellite and cable networks do broadcast 720p HD, at this stage there are no full 1080 HD broadcasts. You need to live in an area where this service is provded and you'll need to pay a subscription fee and you will need a digital receiver with an HDMI output to your TV. Also, you can watch analog or non-HD digital programing on a HDTV. To enjoy the better resolution that HD offers, you need to get HD signals from somewere: Free HD broadcasts with an antenna, HD cable, HD satellite, HD/BluRay DVDs...

What is a built in digital tuner?

A built in digital tuner is capable of receiving digital broadcasts. In the recent past older televisions were only able to receive analog broadcasts. Almost all new televisions now have digital tuners built in to receive digital broadcasting . Only a few digital channels are available and may require a separate digital antenna. To get more digital or HD Channels (requires HDTV), you may want to subscribe to either cable TV or satellite television. Both are good options, however satellite TV currently has more HD channels than cable TV.

What is Digital HD?

Digital HD is streaming or downloading stunning high definition picture.

What is needed to tune into HD channels?

To tune into HD channels there a a variety of methods available to consumers. These include a digital set top box, a digital antenna, a satellite receiver or a QAM tuner built into the television.

What are the features of a HD Digital Camera?

HD cameras have the ability to offer full compatibility with high definition television systems and display clearer photos and videos. HD stands for High Definition.

Is HD broadcast the same as digital broadcast?

All HD broadcasts are digital. Not all digital broadcasts are HD. "Digital" is simply a way of coding TV pictures onto a radio wave so that your TV can receive the radio wave and turn it back into a TV picture. The old method was called "analog." Digital is more efficient than analog and allows a lot more information to be carried on the radio wave. Since the wave can now carry more information, some TV stations are choosing to use that extra information for a high definition (HD) picture rather than a standard definition (SD) picture. In fact, there is so much extra room with a digital signal that most TV stations can now show several different programs at once! Most channels will now have several sub-channels. For example, instead of having just Channel 7, you might have Channel 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, and so on -- each with a different program. An HD signal takes up a lot of room, so TV stations that broadcast an HD signal have less room to add additional sub-channels. What is happening with the digital transition is that all analog TV broadcasts will be turned off. Only digital broadcasts will remain on the air. Each TV station decides what it will do with its digital signal. It can use the digital signal to broadcast one HD sub-channel and a few SD sub-channels or it can broadcast a lot of digital SD sub-channels. Most TV stations will choose to broadcast at least one HD sub-channel.

Is there a portable car tv that will receive networks now that everything has gone cable and digital?

You COULD use an HD wireless receiver, which has antennae and receives HD channels in the air, and converts it to a digital HDMI signal for your HDTV.

Is this TV broadcast HDTV ready?

This TV has a built in digital tuner and is HDTV ready so you can view over the air HD programming.