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Absolutely not! Good for you! Consider yourself "the one that got away." You beat him at his own game! Abusers are about control and basically they are just bullies. They're weak because they pick on the weaker sex and are poor excuses for men. He's hurting because you got away from him and abusers don't like that. Keep walking and don't look back!

Hey girlie, you're free! Think of all the wonderful things in the future you are able to do now.

Good luck honMarcy

Thank so much Marcy. I know I am doing the right thing by avoiding him. And really who would want to be around that type of man once they are free! I feel really good most days and then i get one day of pure misery but i keeep bouncing back and i feel more distant every day. I also feel this whole nightmare has shown me what i am made off. I have alot of pride and zest and in the end I wouldn't let him destroy me. I joined some activities and I work so that will help move on to better things. I think this has changed me for the better as i now see how capable i am of being logical and not emotionally stunted. Thanks.

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Q: Does your abusive ex-boyfriend think he has won and that you're now a broken woman because you avoid talking seeing or hearing from him in any way?
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