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I call it "the cycle of life." First there is the "chase" of winning that person over. Then we date and we are all full of pins and needles, butterflies in our stomachs and we gasp at the very sight of our true love and the world is our bowl of cherries. After several months of getting to know each other, the glitter wears off a little, but should never dicipate. We may not spend every waking moment with each other as we did when we first met and that's really the way it should be. It's time to get a life! It's time to have other interests in our lives such as a hobby, sports, more education or volunteer in something you are interested in and give back to people. No better feeling than that and certainly maintaining our friendships. Sometimes it's great to go out with a group of fun-loving people and just have some great laughs. If you are in doubt about how your boyfriend feels, then ask him how he feels. NEVER second-guess a person because when we do, we're usually wrong and it can cause a lot of hurt. However, I just think that the glitter has worn off your relationship a bit and it's time to get into second gear. Have that talk with your boyfriend and try spicing up your relationship and no, it's not always about sex. Get out with friends more, do different things together and you can decide on that by asking each other what interests each of you have. Do it! Good luck Marcy

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Q: Does your boyfriend still want to be with you even though he does not act the same way around you as he used to?
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