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If it jiggles, it is losing elasticity. We all will go through that.


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it could strengthen your muscles in that area which could result in a toner butt with the impression of a larger size.

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Exercise is the key. The gluteus maximus muscles will get stronger and will hold you up better when you exercise. Try squats, push ups, and lunges. This will make your butt work harder and will get that fat that jiggles off the muscles. Keep your nutrition up, and your butt will become more shapely and more appealing. Of course, if you eat too much, and sit too get "secretary spread"...not a pretty sight. Exercise.

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AnswerIt sounds like you need more intense glute exerciseslike squats and lunges. If you are already doing these, you may need to increase the weight or the reps.

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Keep your butt from getting sued out of business or into jail.

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