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Does your cat love you?



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Well, you can kinda tell. For example, if it runs away, hisses, or bats at you, it doesn't like you. If it comes to you, rubs against you, etc., it loves you. Me, our cats LOVE me. All I do is:

1 give them treats

2 set up a little fort out of boxes love that!)

3 sprinkle catnip on fort and toys (WARNING: they get CRAZY when they eat it! lol!)

4 drag a jump rope around the house

5 pet them a lot

6 I made a toy out of a sock. All I did was fill it with stuffing (for stuffed animals) and catnip

7 some cats like to be brushed (like our cats!) so you could brush them a lot!

You could also make up things that you KNOW your cats will love! Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!