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Does your child grow up on Harvest Moon DS cute?


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your child does grow up in harvest moon but it takes every to seasons to grow up


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Your Child on Harvest Moon Magical Melody will never grow past "Walking" stage

You have to buy an orange tree, grow it, and then they will be on the tree in summer, I believe.

there is many events you can have 1 child and they will grow and it will go on

Your Child will never grow past the "teenager stage" Which means your child will never get married or help with the farm work.

Your kid will grow up. It grows up every 2 years in three stages (Toddler, Child, Teenager) When it gets to the teenager stage it will stop growing. Byes!!!!

He loves Pineapples, so get a basement grow pineapples and present them in summer.

You can't grow seed on harvest moon ds you just have to buy them

Yes. It takes two years for your toddler to grow into a child. It takes two years after that for your child to grow into a teenager. Your child will not grow any older than a teenager.

Harvest Moon D.S. does not have an end. Your Child will never grow past "teenager" stage or get married. You will never die, you can play forever. SOMETIMES THE CREDITS WILL ROLE. Like after you have a child or you get married.

Nope, It stops growing after the "Crawling" Age

in time it'll grow up all on its own, but i'd still do the daily things like petglove it and hug it

it takes around 3 to 4 years for you baby to grow up to an adult...

No your child does not help you sadly. It doesn't grow any older than a toddler.

Your child will grow into 2 more stages; a kid and a teenager. Each stage change will take 2 years (240 days) to complete. When your child reaches the last stage it will stop growing.

That depends on what Harvest Moon game you are playing. Tomato, Corn, Onion, and Pineapple are the basic Harvest Moon Summer crops. But not all the Harvest Moon games have the same crops.

The Baby doesn't grow up to a child or teen. Your baby will always be a baby and an unknown gender.

On your child's 2nd birthday it crawls then on his/her 4th birthday he/she walks.

No. Your child will never grow any older than a teenager and he will not ever marry anyone.

In Harvest Moon ioh your baby will take 2 years (in game time) to grow into a crawling toddler. Then another 2 years to become a walking child. It doesn't become a teenager, ever. But you will see it at festivals once it can walk.

Yellow Grass Only grows in Spring, In Harvest moon Ds

You grow them on a tree in fall

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