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Q: Does your cosigner have to be present when signing the lease?
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Does your cosigner have to be present when signing an apartment lease He lives in NY and you are renting in Nevada?

It depends on the landlord. Usually, the just need SS number and photo ID, as well as pay stubs or proof of income. If this is provided, you should be fine

Can a cosigner on a lease evict a tenant?


What are the legal responsibilities of a cosigner on a lease agreement?

The legal responsibilities of a cosigner on a lease agreement are the same as the tenant without the benefit of tenancy.

Is a cosigner of an auto lease obligated to pay the lease?

Yes. That's the idea.

Can a cosigner be sued for early termination of lease?


If a new lease is signed on an apartment after a year is the original cosigner responsible for the new lease?

Not unless he or she signed the new lease.

Can tenants renew a lease if the cosigner does not sign?

That is up to the landlord.

What responsibility does a cosigner on an apartment lease have?

a cosigner is a person who is responsible for the rest of the rent that you don't pay if u get evicted the person who signed as a cosigner will have to go to court

How do you cancel a house lease agreement?

How long do you have after signing a lease to cancel it?

Is a cosigner on a car liable if the primary borrower is at fault in an accident?

No. A cosigner's only obligation is the debt incurred by signing the lending agreement.

Is a lease enforceable if a cosigner is needed and does not sign?

No. A condition of the lease being made is that there will be a co-signer. If no one will co-sign, then you are out of luck.

How long after signing a lease can you back out?

The duration that it can take you to back out after signing a lease depends with the lease that you signed. However, if you discover any fraud you can always talk to your lawyer to have it reversed as soon as possible.

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