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Yes, you can replace a cosigner for an apartment with another cosigner. However, you need to get the consent of the landlord.

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Q: Can you replace a cosigner for an apartment with another cosigner?
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Can someone be a cosigner for an apartment if they live in another state?

Whether or not an apartment complex would allow someone from another state to become a cosigner would be up to them to decide. They have the right to set their own rules in regards to who would be allowed to cosign.

Can you be 17 to rent an apartment with a cosigner?

With a cosigner, ur chances are good, if that's the only 'negative'

What responsibility does a cosigner on an apartment lease have?

a cosigner is a person who is responsible for the rest of the rent that you don't pay if u get evicted the person who signed as a cosigner will have to go to court

Can the cosigner of an apartment live in the residence if he is ok with the person living in the apartment?

Yes it's fine to do so. The cosigner is simply a lender of money because the person they loaned the money too can't get a loan from the bank or get credit of any sort.

Accepted for apartment based on having a cosigner Now cosigner will not sign lease Can you get your deposit back?

Hell yeah the only thing non refundable is application fee & administration fee.

What are the obligations of a cosigner on an apartment lease?

A co-signer shares financial responsibility for the rental. Unpaid rent, damage to the apartment after moving and so on will fall on your shoulders if the renter does not do as he/she should.

If a new lease is signed on an apartment after a year is the original cosigner responsible for the new lease?

Not unless he or she signed the new lease.

Can a cosigner of an apartment sue the people he cosigned for after they were evicted and left him to pay unpaid rent and other fees?

Yep - sure can.

If you have a cosigner on your apartment lease will your credit be affected as much as it would if you did not have a cosigner?

Renting an apartment or home will not show up on your credit. That just builds up rental history for yourself. The only time a renter will ever report you to a credit agency is if you move out with a balance that was not paid within 14 to 30 days of your move out.

Can the lender put a lien on another car if a cosigner refuses to pay another car loan?


Can you get another loan without a cosigner?

Yes, if you have a good credit score.

If your cosigner's credit is good but yours is not so good will you be denied an apartment?

The company extending the credit is the judge of that. they have guidelines to determine who that extend credit to.

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