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Absolutely not. No one except yourself has access to your medical records. If an employer is requesting or obtaining your records, he is probably in voilation of HIPPA provacy laws.

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Q: Does your employer have the right to see all your medical records before your injury?
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When you file a claim how long do you have to wait for medical treatment from your employer before can you seek your own doctor for a work related injury?

9 mos. -1yr

Back injury settlement?

In order to win a back injury betterment there must be medical evidence that shows sign of injury. Keep all medical records, costs of pain medications, and out of pocket expenses related to the injury for proof of pain and suffering.

What are some worker rights related to injury and?

A worker has a right to report an injury to their employer. Under Worker's Comp, if the injury is arising from and in the scope of your employment, in most cases you have a right to receive medical care for that injury.

Can an employer dismiss an employee that is under medical treatment due to workplace injury?

No if you are off work due to a injury sustained there they can not terminate your employment that would be illegal.

Can a previous employer contact your present employer about an injury?


What are some workers right related to injuries?

A worker has a right to report an injury to their employer. Under Worker's Comp, if the injury is arising from and in the scope of your employment, in most cases you have a right to receive medical care for that injury.

Why do radiographers use film badges?

So that their on the job radiation dosage can be tracked. This is required of their employer by law. If they get a minor over exposure the employer is required to give them full paid time off proportional to the overexposure. If they get a major over exposure the employer may be liable for injury, medical treatment, or disability costs. The film badge records may be requested as evidence in a lawsuit.

In California is the employee responsible for medical bills resulting from the employer sending them to a company doctor for treatment of an injury that was not job related?

Not if the employee was not given the opportunity to choose his or he own medical provider. If the employer required the employee to visit a specific care provider then the employee should be covered by his or her medical insurer or the company's.

Do you have to tell a new employer if you are under a works compensation injury?

No. Even when you go on your new employer's policy you will be covered execpt for the old injury.

Can your employer drop your insurance when you are out of work for an injury?

I presume your asking about Medical/Health Insurance? If you are out of work for a work-related injury [ie. you're on work comp] your company can terminate your medical/health insurance. I don't think it applies to short-term or long-term disability as those are health/medical benefits to begin with.

Can you Dispute auto accident bodily injury claim?

You can dispute an auto accident bodily injury claim. If you were injured, medical records exist. If someone claims they were injured, medical records exist that can be suponeded. Also it pays to have someone check on the injured party. If he claims he is bedridden and he is playing baseball, it helps to get a video. Courts decide the issues.

What happens if an employer fails to report an accident on the job and it results with injury to the employee?

Depending on what state you live in, employers have the responsibility of recording and reporting work injuries to their insurance company. They must also provide necessary medical treatment. Again, depending on the state, an employer that fails to report an injury can be fined.

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