Does your husband love her and will he keep seeing her?


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People have different husbands, how do we know?!?!

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Seeing him making love to another person would convince most people.

Most people who have a conscience would feel haunted by the fact they are cheating on their husband and the affair would suffer because of it. Also you could run the risk of being caught by your husband and some men are not willing to forgive so easily when hurt that badly. If you love your husband then it would be wise of you to end the affair immediately. If you do not love your husband then do not keep cheating, but let your husband know the truth and file for divorce and then, and only then should you be seeing this other man. When in doubt put yourself in the shoes of your husband!

In order for your husband to love toot forever u may have to show him your not afraid to do what it takes to keep him and you wouldn't have to prove that

Keep seeing her after school and make all of the boyfriend type choices.

it gives you good luck if to keep seeing

not seeing her husband cheat on her

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To make your husband love you means you have to love yourself first.

yes she did love her husband she wa smadly in love with him.

That's his responsibility. If he is still seeing her, the affair is not over. You can't control your husband. A spouse has the right to the respect, loyalty and faithfulness of their partner. If your husband can't control his behavior then you need to assess your status as his wife and whether you want your present situation to continue. Are you better off with him or without him?

It may be a sign that you don't love your husband like you should. If you know the men you are dreaming about you must have feelings for them.

It really depends on the nature of his seeing, if it is platonic then I would not worry. To increase time spent together plan some activities you can both enjoy so that he spends his time with you not her. If his nature is romantic I would sit him down and ask why is he doing this, the idea is to gain as much info as possible. He is your husband who you love and who loves you. Any concerns you have should be brought to his attention.

well look him in the eyes and say i am in love wit u and see what he says or thinks

if he's still in love with you, he'll make you feel special, and do random romantic acts to keep the sparks alive

Yes. IT is normal for a cat to love your husband

Well first you should marry your husband for love in the first place.

your husband your love = votre mari votre amour

Kiara Crazychick.... well thats me! Keep asking questions about me! I love seeing myself online and i will answer them all!

I'm not sure who you mean by him, but I'm guessing an ex or boyfriend. You can't really stop anyone from seeing anyone. You can talk to him about it if you want, but there isn't really a way to keep people from dating others.

It is a goof on his part. You can take it seriously or not, but remember he is with you.

Yes they are and some are cute and pudgy and all the more to love. At least that what I keep telling my husband! LOL

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