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Yes. If extreme constipation occurs, your penis will also go numb. I would advise you to see a doctor immediately. If you do not, you could be in extreme danger for life-long erectile disfunction.

2012-06-16 21:11:17
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What soda makes your penis smaller?

Soda cannot make your penis smaller. I dont believe there is ANYTHING that can make ones penis smaller

Does muscle milk make your penis smaller?

Nothing makes your penis larger or smaller.

Does caffeine make your penis smaller?

no, it is not proven that caffeine makes your penis smaller, it's just a tale

Can masterbation make your dick smaller?

No, it does not make a penis smaller.

Can herpes make your penis little?

Herpes will not make your penis smaller.

Does your penis get smaller when you get circumcised?

No, it's the foreskin they remove, not the actual penis.

Does protein powder make your penis smaller?

No, that's not why you have a small penis

Does red bull make your penis smaller?

No it does not change the size of your penis

Why is a bigger man penis smaller than a smaller man?

The size of a man's penis is very variable. Each man is different. Some have smaller ones, and others have larger ones. Also the size of the penis when flaccid, is in no way related to the size of the penis when it is erect.

Does working out make your penis smaller?

Working out doesn't affect penis size, as long as you aren't on anabolic steroids. Steroids can damage the testicles and can lead to a smaller penis growth.

Does your penis get smaller after releasing sperm?


What can make your penis smaller?


How can you make your penis smaller?

You can't.

Are curcumcision make your penis smaller?

No it does not.

Can your Penis get smaller from lack of sex?


Does Gatorade make your penis smaller?

Yes Gatorade contains minor steroids An as we all know steroids makes your penis smaller -------------------------------------------------------------- No it does not and neither do steroids. Steroids lower or cancel out your sperm count which can make your testicles smaller, but not your penis.

Does watermelon make your penis smaller?

No. Foods don't change penis size

What is foods make your penis smaller?

None! Food has no impact on the size of your penis.

Are the ossicles smaller or is the stirrup smaller?

Neither just know that they are both smaller than your penis

How do cigarettes make your penis smaller?

It doesnt make it smaller, but it keeps you from getting an erection easily. It does this by restricting bloodflow to extremedies, including your penis.

Are there antibiotics that exist to make your penis smaller?

No, antibiotics will not decrease the size of a mans penis.

Do muscle milk make your penis smaller?

No there is nothing that can increase or decrease your penis size.

Can chastity make your penis smaller?

Sex, or the lack thereof has no effect on penis size.

Is a man's penis smaller with Spina Bifida?

No. Spina Bifida has no effect on the size of the penis.

Is a comet smaller than Pluto?

It's smaller than your mudda's penis...