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Q: Does your personal auto insurance cover an accident that might occur while driving for business purposes in a sales job?
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Commercial Auto Insurance Is a Must for Businesses?

When you insure a vehicle that you use for business purposes, make sure that you insure it under an authentic commercial auto insurance policy. A personal auto insurance policy will not cover many business uses of an automobile, and if you make a commercial auto insurance related claim that is not covered on your personal policy it will be denied. Therefore, when you buy or lease a car for business use, contact a commercial auto insurance broker if your general business insurance broker or provider cannot assist you with your commercial auto insurance needs.

Does homeowners insurance cover stolen tools?

Generally speaking, a homeowner's policy covers personal property for loss by theft.Tools used for business purposes may not be considered by personal property.

Business Auto Insurance?

form_title=Business Auto Insurance form_header=Business auto insurance covers vehicles used for all types of business purposes. Hit the road today with the right insurance plan for your business. How many autos will be insured?=_ How is this vehicles(s) used in normal business practices?=_

How does Vehicle camera help you in a car accident?

It records the actual accident. The recorded video can be used as a backup claim or evidence for insurance purposes or in court.

Personal property such as furniture or appliances are called?

These objects are considered personal property and are usually called personal property, especially for insurance purposes.

What do you do in a computer?

You use the computer for personal, business, and academic purposes, hope that helped

Is food tax deductible?

If you donate the food to a charity or you are in the food business and use it for business purposes, then probably. If the food is for personal use, then not.

Definition of business market?

the marketing of goods and services to individuals and organiztions for purposes other than personal comsumption is the business Marketing.

The Many Purposes of Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance serves many purposes. It protects other people should you cause an accident. Your liability insurance would, in most states, pay for the damages to their property and their medical bills. However, it is also intended to protect you. Collision insurance would pay to repair the damages to your car in an accident. Comprehensive coverage is designed to protect you from other events such as vandalism and theft. Finally, insurance is designed to protect your other assets should there be a lawsuit. You should ideally carry levels high enough to protect all of your assets in the event that you are sued after an accident.

If you are driving personal vehicle for work purposes and had a car accident and you were at fault is the employer responsible for repair of damages to the vehicle?

No. If it was your own vehicle and you caused the accident then it is entirely your responsibility that the damage was caused and that you get it fixed.

Is it okay to use a personal credit line for business purchases, or is a business loan better?

It is easier to use your personal finances, however, for tax purposes it would be more beneficial to obtain other financing.

What insurance is required for using a personal car for pizza delivery job?

Probably, your employer will require you to have Liability, and you should tell your agent that you are using the vehicle for business purposes. This is different than just to & from work, and your rates will likely be higher.

Is Key Man insurance taxable?

No it is not. It is recorded as revenue for GAAP purposes, but is not considered business income. 10/18/2008

Can your employer insist that you carry full coverage auto insurance?

If your vehicle is being used for company/business purposes, yes.

Is auto insurance higher for a car used for business purposes, as opposed to one that is just used for personal reasons?

Commercial vehicle insurance is considerably more expensive than the premiums for a personal vehicle. With a commercial vehicle, the risk (to the business) is far greater; there is more to be lost. Depending on the vehicles themselves, there is additional risk. A huge delivery truck stands to do more damage than a two-door hatchback. The nature of the business, the size of the fleet and other factors are considered when writing a commercial policy.

What services do personal finance companies provide?

These organizations specialize in personal loans, which are cash loans to individual borrowers for such purposes as refinancing payments on medical bills, taxes, and insurance premiums.

What is a good reason to start a blog?

You can start a blog for personal use or for business purposes. It depends upon you why you are starting a blog.

What is the point of business appraisals?

To estimate the value of assets that a business has. An appraisal is useful for tax and insurance purposes. It is also useful if a person plans to sell their business and needs an idea of how much everything is worth.

Can you get renters insurance if you rent a room or a space above the garage mother inlaw space situation?

I would think so. Renter's insurance covers your personal property (clothing, furniture, any personal effects not used for business purposes) as well as providing liability coverage for you in the event you are liable for property damage or bodily injury to another. Where you rent should have little bearing on getting coverage.

Can you use a personal business loan for your small business?

You can definitely use a personal business loan for your small business. There are many companies that provide Business loans with minimal documentation for small businesses. But you need to remember that the interest rate of all the loans varies. My friend approached smecorner for a business loan and she received the applied amount in no time.

Who is liable if you have an accident while driving a disabled woman in her own vehicle?

It depends on whos fault the accident was, yours or the other driver.AnswerFor financial purposes though, so long as you are a covered driver her auto insurance will cover the damages.

What are other structures in a homeowners insurance policy?

Other Structures typically covers detached structures such as garages, storage sheds, and fixtures attached to the land including fences, driveways, sidewalks, patios, and retaining walls. Detached structures used for business purposes are not covered under a personal home owners insurance policy.

What insurance coverage do you need for a ceramics business?

A Business owners package policy should cover your studio for some property and the liability of your product and premesis. You might need to add on property coverage for your products if they are expensive or you maintain a lot of inventory and I would be careful about how you value it for insurance purposes. If your business has employees you need work comp, if you have vehicles for the business you need to get commercial auto insurance.

Who is at fault for insurance purposes if the driver you hit has no license and is charged with hit and run for leaving the scene?

If you caused the accident, you owe for the legal liability, the other matters are civil & not involving the liability portion of the insurance. They still have a duty to pay.

How long after an accident or ticket is your premium affected?

It usually affects your next renewal premium. It can vary depending on your state, the citation, and your insurance carrier. Normally speeding tickets stay on your record for three years for insurance rating purposes.