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no it doesn't Asthma affects primarily the lower respiratory area i.e. lungs

No, usually the hardness to breath is caused by a sticky gunge produced by the air sacs in your lungs when something irritates them. The gunge can narrow your wind pipe.

Dont worry it sounds worse than it actually is!

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Can lymph swell when you have sore throat from cold?

Lymph glands can swell when you have sore throat from a cold.

Do tonsils usually swell having pain like strep throat when swallowing after wisdom teeth removed?

I am not sure and am having the same problem

Do your throat swell with strep throat?

Yes, strep throat is caused when bacteria gets stuck on the sides of your throat, causing it to swell up. treatments to strep throat, is gurgling salt water, or apple cider vinegar.

What is asmtha?

Asthma is when the muscles in the throat and trachea swell or tighten making it very difficult to breath. this can be caused by an allergic reaction, such as eating the wrong food or being around dust, or can be induced by exercise.

What disease in which the trachea and bronchi swell you and stimulates suffocation?

Asthma is the disease that affects the trachea and bronchi and causes them to swell and stimulates suffocation. Symptoms of asthma can include wheezing, shortness of breath, and coughing.

What happens when you have a asthma attack?

An Asthma Attack happens when an allergen triggers your airways to swell and expand, making breathing difficult.

Do strep throat cause swelling?

strep throat can cause some swelling in your throat. It should not swell any other part of your body that is not near your throat.

Why do tonsils swell?

Tonsils are lymph glands that are located in the throat. Tonsils can swell due to inflammation and/or infectious bacteria or viruses.

Why would your dogs tongue swell and throat close?

It is having an allergic reaction--you can give a dog Benadryl--and take it to the vet before it can't breathe! Like now!

What is occupational asthma?

Occupational asthma is a form of lung disease in which the breathing passages shrink, swell, or become inflamed or congested as a result of exposure to irritants in the workplace.

Why is it difficult to breath when you have asthma?

your bronchioles swell up which restricts the amount of oxygen going into your lungs

If you are stung in the throat by a bee how do you get the stinger out?

If you are stung in the throat you should seek immediate emergency medical attention. When tissues in the throat swell it could make breathing difficult.

Does asthma make breathing hard?

your bronchioles swell up which restricts the amount of oxygen going into your lungs.

What do you do when you swallow a bee and it sting you in your throat?

Seek medical help quickly. If the tissues of the throat swell, as they probably will after a sting, you could have difficulty breathing.

Can you take a decongestant and Paxil together?

No it causes your throat and uvula to swell it is extremely uncomfortable

Do your tonsils get swollen if you have mono?

No, your lymph nodes swell and cause the glands in your throat to swell also. And in most cases there are little white spots where it's swollen.

Why does your throat swell when you chew tobacco?

This very well may be due to your body having an allergic reaction to tobacco, try going without for a few days to see if the swelling goes down.

How can you control your asthma during and attack?

If you are having an attack, rate if from 1-10, 1 being barely and 10 being extreme. 3 and up means you need to go to the emergency room. 5 and up means you should call 911. You cannot control your asthma during an attack, you must go to the hospital or you could possibly suffer/die from anesthetic shock or your throat could swell up and possible close. Never doubt the seriousness of an Asthma attack. I remember when I was 4, I was in a hot tub at a water park, and turned blue. I went into an anesthetic shock. Asthma attacks are very frightening and may cause you to go into a panic attack.

How does asthma affect the body?

Asthma affects the body because it makes it hard to breath. Your airways begin to swell up and it blocks the air going in and out of the lungs. Without air your body can not function.

If you have your toncils removed will you have strep throat again?

I have gotten my tonsils removed and yes you can still get strep throat. Although you get it not as easy and it will not be as much of a miserable experience. As you could imagine not having tonsils that also swell up. Plus you get to chill in a hospital and eat ice cream... Now that is bomb.

Wil you die if a bee stings you in the throat?

Not necessarily, but a sting in the throat could cause the tissues to swell sufficiently to restrict breathing. Any sting inside the mouth or throat should receive medical attention.

What is the diagnoses for a strange liquid in throat and leg that is making them swell and blood clot after blood clot?


What would happen to you if you ate ivy?

Assuming it is poison ivy, you will develop a rash in your throat. It will then swell and suffocate you.

Why asthma and other illnesses are associated with sport?

Asthma is a respiratory condition which causes your airways to swell and constrict, making it difficult or impossible to breath. It is triggered by allergies or physical activity (i.e. sports) so it makes us with asthma unable to play sports as easily as others

What does asthma do to the human body?

well asthma is when the bronchioles swell up because of dust/pollen etc. basically any reaction of histamine in the body, then they become constricted which prevents you from being able to breathe properly