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no it doesn't Asthma affects primarily the lower respiratory area i.e. lungs

No, usually the hardness to breath is caused by a sticky gunge produced by the air sacs in your lungs when something irritates them. The gunge can narrow your wind pipe.

Dont worry it sounds worse than it actually is!

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Q: Does your throat swell up when you are having difficulties with asthma?
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Can lymph swell when you have sore throat from cold?

Lymph glands can swell when you have sore throat from a cold.

Do tonsils usually swell having pain like strep throat when swallowing after wisdom teeth removed?

I am not sure and am having the same problem

Do your throat swell with strep throat?

Yes, strep throat is caused when bacteria gets stuck on the sides of your throat, causing it to swell up. treatments to strep throat, is gurgling salt water, or apple cider vinegar.

What is asmtha?

Asthma is when the muscles in the throat and trachea swell or tighten making it very difficult to breath. this can be caused by an allergic reaction, such as eating the wrong food or being around dust, or can be induced by exercise.

What disease in which the trachea and bronchi swell you and stimulates suffocation?

Asthma is the disease that affects the trachea and bronchi and causes them to swell and stimulates suffocation. Symptoms of asthma can include wheezing, shortness of breath, and coughing.

What happens when you have a asthma attack?

An Asthma Attack happens when an allergen triggers your airways to swell and expand, making breathing difficult.

Do strep throat cause swelling?

strep throat can cause some swelling in your throat. It should not swell any other part of your body that is not near your throat.

Why do tonsils swell?

Tonsils are lymph glands that are located in the throat. Tonsils can swell due to inflammation and/or infectious bacteria or viruses.

Why would your dogs tongue swell and throat close?

It is having an allergic reaction--you can give a dog Benadryl--and take it to the vet before it can't breathe! Like now!

Why is it difficult to breath when you have asthma?

your bronchioles swell up which restricts the amount of oxygen going into your lungs

What is occupational asthma?

Occupational asthma is a form of lung disease in which the breathing passages shrink, swell, or become inflamed or congested as a result of exposure to irritants in the workplace.

If you are stung in the throat by a bee how do you get the stinger out?

If you are stung in the throat you should seek immediate emergency medical attention. When tissues in the throat swell it could make breathing difficult.

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