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Dog rabies immunization?

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by 12 weeks and then once a year

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Can you get rabies from kissing a dog that has rabies?

You need to take immunization for rabies. If you kiss the dog by mouth, you need to take the rabies immunoglobulin shot also.

Do you need to have rabies vaccine if you were bitten by a dog with anti rabies shots?

No. Technically not. But the immunization status of the dog has to verified. Depending on the nature of the dog bite, I will like to give anti-rabies injections or not. But the dog need to be observed for 8 days. If the dog is OK, there is no problem to you.

Could a dog born in the middle of the 19th century have had a rabies Immunization?

The rabies vaccine wasn't invented till 1885 so the answer would be no

Do I need to show proof of rabies immunization to be able to leave my dog at a dog boarding facility?

Most boarding kennels do require proof of immunization in order for your pet to stay there. This reduces thier liability to other pet owners. Most places in the U.S. require rabies vaccination by law anyway.

Can rabies be caused by dog bite if the dog is not injected by anti-rabies?

Rabies can only occur if your dog is not vaccinated against rabies and if the dog that bit your dog has rabies. If it does not have rabies then your dog will not have rabies. But if you're still in doubt, see your Veterinarian.

Could a dog born in the middle of the nineteenth century have had a rabies immunization?

The rabies vaccine wasn't discovered/invented until 1885, so the answer would be "no" if asking whether it was available in the mid-1800's.

Do you get rabies if the dog punctures you?

you do get rabies from the dog

Can a dog get rabies from being in the sun?

No. A dog can only get rabies from contact with a rabies-infected animal.

Can a dog get rabies when they have had a rabies shot?


Should a dog have a rabies booster shot when bitten by a coyote?

Because the rabies shot is a live virus, no. This could increase the rate of your dog getting sick from rabies. Get your dog tested, then if it has rabies, get it rabies injections.

Can a Prairie Dog get rabies?

Yes they can and do, get rabies.

When a dog has rabies what do you do?

If a dog has confirmed rabies, there is nothing that can be done for them to treat the rabies. There is no cure. Humane euthanasia is the only action.

Will you be infected by rabies if you were scratched by your vaccinated dog?

No you would not be. You dog has been vaccinated against Rabies, right? Then he would not have Rabies.

Does dog have a rabies?

Yes a dog can have rabies and it can pass it on to other dogs as well as men.

Can a dog give you rabies?

Most of the people with rabies get rabies from rabid dogs.

Can a dog get rabies from its poop?

Probably not, if it does not have rabies why would it's poop have rabies?

How does a person get rabies?

if you get bitten by a dog with rabies you might get them

What does a dog have that is contagious to a human?

A dog can have certain diseases such as rabies so if a dog happens to bite you, you may get rabies.

Can your dog get rabies from biting an animal with rabies?

Yes it can, if that has happened to your dog you may want to schedule an appointment with your vet, it is very common to get rabies from another animal with rabies.

Does a puppy have more rabies than a dog?

In my opinion no, because puppies get rabies only if an infected dog bites them; so if anything a dog has more rabies then a puppy.

Can a dog scratch cause rabies?

Rabies can be transmitted by a dog scratch. If a dog has rabies he would be more likely to bite you than to scratch you. If you have contact with a dog who you suspect may have rabies contact your physician as soon as possible for an appointment to visit their office.

Do dogs get rabies if there bitten by coyotes?

Yes. If the coyote has a rabies, dog will get it. (You have to presume that coyote has got rabies.) Unless and until dog has received proper anti-rabies vaccination. Your Vet may give additional does of anti-rabies vaccine to the dog or may give full course of anti-rabies vaccines to non-immunized dog.

What if your dog bit you with rabies?

you go to the hospital and get checked then take your dog to the vet to get a rabies shot

If a dog has rabies and bites anything it sees will it get rabies?

Not exactly. If the thing a rabid dog bites is inorganic or non-mammalian then it won't get rabies.

Does a dog contain rabies?

if they dint get their rabies shot the don't. If they don't get their rabies shot then they do.