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It's "Donkey's Ears". The ears of a donkey look really long, indeed.

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Q: Donkey's Ears or Donkey's Years
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How many years is a donkeys year?

Donkeys years is english cockney rhyming slang. the phrase is actually 'donkeys ears' which rhymes with years. it just means a very long time. and people have just changed ears to years over time.

What is grey with large ears?

Elephants, Texas jackrabbits, some donkeys.

How are ponies and donkeys different?

donkeys are differently shaped and have long ears and a line and hair tail. Ponies have a bushy full tail donkeys bray, and ponies neigh! hope this helps ;)

Which animals have big ears?

Elephants,Donkeys And Zebras Even A Few Horses

Why do donkeys hold back their ears?

They usually do this as a sign of irritation. Wait until their ears are perked up; this means they are pleased and sociable.

How is a dookey different from a horse?

Donkeys are different from horses because they are smaller and have bigger ears!

Hi i was wondering can you get donkeys with floppy ears that hang instead of sticking up?

Yes, there are some very large donkeys in the Poitou region of France with very large ears. The ears in some individuals do flop over, and resemble those of the famous donkey Eeyore. Donkey ears, like other animal ears, are made of cartilage. If this gets damaged, the ears may not stand up straight any longer, but instead will drop.

What animals have big ears?

Rabbits, donkeys, canids like foxes and wolves, aardvark, deer, elephants.

Does a donkey have longer ears or does a horse?

Donkeys have long ears, considerably longer than horses Horses are faster than donkeys. Even smaller horses can outrun a donkey. Donkey's conformation is not as similar as a horse when you look into the finer details. Donkey's need an earlier warning so they can have a head start to run away. Therefore donkeys hearing is better.

Can mini donkeys and goats be pastured together?

yes. We have pasture mini donkeys and goats together for years.

What are unique physical appearance of donkey?

Donkeys have a few special features. They have much longer ears, their hooves are smaller and rounder, their tails are shaped like a cows tail.

What do quotes represent?

Quotes do represent the donkey's ears. Whatever found in donkeys ears is not always true. Some people resembling donkeys are speaking in quotes. In verbal communication is really difficult to see the quotes. You must look for donkeys' ears placed somewhere in people's heads! Donkeys do lie all the time. They are actually self-indulging. A common donkey name in my country ("Mentios") is of Spanish origin (mentida, mentidos), meaning: The Liar. Mentida / mentidos (Spanish), and, (la _) mensonge (French), both stand for: Lie, Lies. The very English word "message" can mean: a Lie. (Do compare it with the French word and you'll see why.) The ultimate knowledge is: Don't believe whatever it is said. Watch whether it is contained in quotes (' '). Those are donkeys ears.