Dose it count as sex if you dont have your period?

First, "sex" IS sex, no matter the kind of sex or how long each sexual incident is.

Second, any sexual act which puts the penis near or into the vagina is enough to cause pregnancy.

Third, even if a teen or woman has no period (even for months), she CAN still get pregnant. The more irregular the periods, the less a woman knows for sure when she is ovulating. A woman can ovulate and still miss a period. But it only takes ONE egg and ONE feisty sperm to join and create a pregnancy.

Do NOT believe anyone who tells you that if you don't have (regular) periods that you can't get pregnant-- you CAN! And very, very young girls CAN get pregnant in the weeks right before her very first period. So, don't risk unprotected sex just because you have not had a first or had a repeating period (menstrual flow).