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Check the ignition control module. It seems to be a weak point.

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What are distributor problems?

You may need to have it rewired or have it replaced.

What would cause starting problems in a Mitsubishi eclipse GST 1995 after replacing the starter?

Starting problems in a Mitsubishi Eclipse GST 1995 could be caused by a weak battery or an alternator that does not charge. You might also have gotten a bad starter when you replaced that one.

How do you change the chip in a 1998 mercury villager distributor cap?

There is no "chip" that can be replaced in the distributor, it is serviced as a unit. There is no chip in the distributor cap.

How do you fix power switch on desk top computer?

It is likely a microswitch and not repairable. It should be replaced or bypassed.

What is the lifespan of a timing belt on a Mitsubishi galant 04?

Mitsubishi says every 60,000 miles it should be replaced.

Replaced distributor on 1997 Chevy Vortec V6 runs perfect but why is SES light on?

You must set the cam retard to plus or minus 2 degrees, or you have other problems.

Where is the cam sensor on a 2001 Nissan Altima?

It's in the distributor. The whole distributor gets replaced when you nneed a new one.

How do you change a cam positioning sensor for a V6 1999 dodge avenger?

It is a non serviceable part of the distributor. The distributor has to be replaced.

What does it mean when the console light flashes on a Mitsubishi grandis?

When a console light flashes on a Mitsubishi?æand the light continues to flash that may mean a sensor needs to be replaced. A certified mechanic can have it replaced.

When does the timing belt on Mitsubishi Galant 1999 need to be replaced?


Where is cam sensor located on 2000 Nissan Quest?

The cam sensor is integral to the distributor. The distributor is not repairable and must be replaced as an assembly except distributor cap and rotor head.

How do you access coilpack 95 cirrus 2.5 v6?

The coil on the 2.5l is in the distributor. To the best of my knowledge it is not serviceable. The distributor must be replaced.

What does it mean if the distributor was replaced on a 1997 Chevy s10 and there is still a code?

It could be that the distributor was not the problem. Need to know what the code is and what engine you have.

How do you remove the distributor rotor from a 1994 Acura Integra?

Remove the bolts that hold the distributor cap onto the distributor. Once this is off the rotor can be reached and replaced on a 1994 Acura Integra.

How do you replace the distributor drive gear on a 2000 Chevy blazer?

The distributor drive gear would be part of the camshaft. The camshaft would have to be replaced.

If a 2001 Dodge Dakota truck has a hole in the condenser does the entire condenser need to be replaced or can the hole be bypassed?

Regardless if the hole can be repaired or bypassed, it is not a 'do it yourself' job. The proper assessment of the necessary repair method should be made 'hands on' by an a/c tech you trust.

How much does a 1999 Astro van distributor cost?

I just replaced one on my 1992 astro and it was $120 just for the distributor not including the rotor and cap

We have not had any problems. Please contact us directly to have it replaced.?

We have not had any problems. Please contact us directly to have it replaced.

What can be the problem of a 1994 Chevy Suburban 1500 will not start even though spark plugs coil and distributor replaced and there is no spark?

Is it a brand new distributor ? If not then replace the module and pick-up coil in the distributor that you have.

How can you run your 86 Monte Carlo without the ecm?

Car and distributor would have to be replaced

Has anyone been able to figure out why the 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse will stall under many circumstances like in traffic or on the freeway and not start again for several hours?

My 2005 GT was doing this some time ago. The distributor was burnt and replaced and it hasn't happened since.

Why do headlights go out unexpected on my 1992 Mitsubishi magna tr?

A fuse needs replaced.

When should Mitsubishi oz rally lancer timing belt be replaced?

60000 miles

Where is the ignition condenser located on a 2003 Toyota Highlander?

The ignition condenser is located inside the distributor. In order to repair the issue, the distributor will need removed and replaced.

95 Chrysler cirrus V6 won't start where is the cam sensor?

It is a non serviceable part of the distributor. The distributor will need replaced if the cam sensor has failed.

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