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The driving distance from Toronto, ON, Canada to Niagara falls, ON, Canada is 79.67mi / 128.22km

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The driving distance from Detroit, MI, USA to Niagara Falls, NY, USA is 239.02mi / 384.67km

How far by car is it from Portland ME to Niagra Falls?

From Niagara Falls, Ontario to Montreal, Quebec driving through Ontario the distance is approximately 670 Kilometers.Map Quest

Niagra Falls is situated on the Niagra River.

Niagra Falls is closer by about 16.8 miles according to Google Maps.

It is on the bank of Lake Ontario North from Niagra Falls, NY.

Niagra falls is in Ontario

Amazingly, Niagra falls is only about 12,000 years old.

Niagra Falls is a waterfall on the Niagra river on the border between the United States and Canada. It is also the name of the two cities on either side of the river. Niagra Falls, Ontario and Niagra Falls, New York

The niagra falls river 58 (km) (36 mi) in length

Both Niagra Falls and Yosemite Falls are waterfalls. That is probably as similar as they get. While Niagra flows all year, Yosemite Falls may run out of water in the summer. Niagra Falls is also wider than Yosemite Falls.

If you're looking for a hotel within walking distance from niagra falls, Comfort Inn Clifton Hill, a Niagara Falls Hotel and Resort would be a great choice in my opinion.It's located just about a block from Niagra falls, and has some interesting offers such as free breakfast, free Wifi connection and also free access to the indoor Pool.Service is pretty good.It might be the best choice i think

The river itself is the Niagra River

Buffalo NY, Niagra Falls NY and Niagra Falls Canada

Horseshoe Falls and Niagra Falls

It was named after the Native Indian thunder god because it sounds like thunder

about 8 hours and ten minutes if you mean Niagra Falls in New York

The driving distance from Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Savannah, Georgia is 1,414 miles

The driving distance from Idaho Falls, ID to Jackson Hole, WY is 88 miles.

Niagra Falls is in Ontario

20 million people come to Niagra Falls each year.

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