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No. You will not feel anything, nor will you have any spotting. Your body will act as though it always has. Once you get a little ways, you may experience morning sickness, or dizziness. I just recently had an unexpected pregnancy and i didn't know until I missed my period and tested a few days later. You don't feel any different, although you may notice some unexplained weight gain.

yes you get cramps and you get a little spotting sometimes.



I am trying to get pregnant and i have been feeling cramping. but this could also just be your period.

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Q: During the implantation period can you feel anything like a sudden quick pain in your tummy or anything like that?
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You have been off your period for over a week now and all of a sudden you are having some discharge and there have been 1 or 2 little spots of blood could this be pregnancy?

its more than likily ovulation bleeding. i had it a few weeks ago and i had just read about implantation bleeding so i freaked out and thought i was preg. but the difference is ouvulation bleeding happends about 2 weeks after you start your period and implantation leeding happens about 6-12 after ovulation.

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For many women, yes. Not everyone has cramps or pain at all during their period. Some have little to no discomfort or pain that they can register. If you normally do have cramps, and suddenyl you don't, it may not be bad. If you feel uncertain, talk to your doctor. They can reassure or help you if something is causing this sudden loss of cramps.

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