During the implantation period can you feel anything like a sudden quick pain in your tummy or anything like that?


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2015-07-15 18:25:15
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No. You will not feel anything, nor will you have any spotting. Your body will act as though it always has. Once you get a little ways, you may experience morning sickness, or dizziness. I just recently had an unexpected pregnancy and i didn't know until I missed my period and tested a few days later. You don't feel any different, although you may notice some unexplained weight gain.

yes you get cramps and you get a little spotting sometimes.



I am trying to get pregnant and i have been feeling cramping. but this could also just be your period.


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its more than likily ovulation bleeding. i had it a few weeks ago and i had just read about implantation bleeding so i freaked out and thought i was preg. but the difference is ouvulation bleeding happends about 2 weeks after you start your period and implantation leeding happens about 6-12 after ovulation.

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