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During the war how many letters passed through Washington DC daily?

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During the civil war how many letters passed through Washington dc daily?


How many letters were passed through Washington DC daily during the civil war?


What significant laws were passed during 1962?

they found out that children were having naughty letters with him

What century were amendment's 16 through 27 passed?

16-27 were all passed during the 20th century.

What is a sentence with rural in it?

During our bus trip , we passed through some rural areas.

What states passed through the Oregon Trail?

It started in Missouri and passed through what is now Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming, ending in Idaho, Oregon and Washington---known at the time as "Oregon Country.The states didn't pass through the Oregon Trail, but the trail went through the states.

What act passed during the Washington administration prohibits US citizens from joining foreign military forces?

federaation act

What will happen to water molecule when electricity is passed through water during electrolysis?

when electricity is passed through water using electrolysis, it will decompose to form hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) atoms

What letters do you get after your name once you have passed a PGCE in England?

You can use the letters PGCE.

How did George Washington get Washington as his last name?

It was passed down from his father, Augustine Washington.

How many years passed before charlemagnes's scholars began to lowercase letters instead of just capital letters like the Romans?

683 years passed before they used lowercase letters.

What laws were passed during the reconstruction?

What laws were passed during the reconstruction?

Which President had the most Amendments occur during his time in office?

George Washington had 10 (bill of rights) passed but he wasn't technically president OR Woodrow Wilson who had 16, 17,18 and 19th passed

Do monarch butterflies live in Washington state?

No but they do sometimes migrate through Washington as a kid they passed through yearly (in 35) . For the past decade or so I haven't seen them either its where I lived or they didn't pass through this way the Last two week I have seen 3 in bellevue

How does a person inherit disease?

Through their genes - or during pregnancy ! Many diseases can (and usually are) passed down from the mother to the foetus through the umbilical cord.

During asexual reproduction the genetic material of the parent is passed on to the offspring of what?

its transfered by the process through mitosis and cytokineses

How many people passed through Ellis island during the first fifty years?

over 16 million

What happens when electric current is passed through fused sodium chloride?

During this electrolysis are obtained chlorine and sodium.

Why was Maryland strategically important?

Because it had vital railroad lines passed through Maryland. Most signifiicantly, washington,DC, lays within the state

What is the medical term meaning that which has passed through a filter?

The filtrate is what's passed through a filter.

French naturalist who hypothesized that organisms acquire traits during their lifetime through use or disuse which can be passed on to their offspring?


How did Omar Wilkinson die?

Omar Wilkinson and his story are urban legends passed through chain letters, and are not true. He was never a real person, and his story never happened.

What year did geo Washington die?

George Washington passed away on the 14th of December, 1799.

How many Immigrants passed through Ellis How Many immigrants passed through Ellis Island from 1892 to 1924?

over 12 million immigrants passed through Ellis island.

Where is TI right now?

he is at indio ca and he passed through my house omg!!!! he is at indio ca and he passed through my house omg!!!! he is at indio ca and he passed through my house omg!!!!

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