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During what part of the mitosis does the DNA replicate?


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the DNA replicates before mitosis begins

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During interphase of mitotic nuclear division

During interphase (more specifically the S-stage), the chromosomes are duplicated.

Technically, DNA replication occurs before mitosis begins. DNA replication occurs during the S phase, the middle of 3 phases of interphase, which takes place right before mitosis.

There are five stages of mitosis, beginning with interphase and ending with telophase. Interphase is the longest phase, during which the centrioles and DNA replicate and preparations are made for mitosis to occur.

The DNA replicates before mitoses begins DNA replication occurs in the S phase of interphase (before mitosis)

So that each of the daughter cells formed during mitosis will have an identical copy of the DNA.

During the process of mitosis, cells replicate DNA during the interphase cycle.

it depends upon number of chromosomes by the way DNA can replicate many times or countless times in mitosis

DNA replication occurs once during mitosis. Replication also occurs once during meiosis even though there are 2 divisions that happen.

no DNA replicates before mitosis. It replicates in the S phase of inter phase

They replicate their DNA during interphase.

Since they replicate, i think they're doubled. But, I'm not sure.

Cells do not replicate "In DNA". Cells replicate their DNA during the process of cell division.

They do this so that the daughter cells may have identical DNA copies after mitosis.

In both Meiosis and Mitosis, DNA replication occurs during the S-Phase of Interphase. This process takes place in the Nucleus.

No, mitosis is the replication of a cell. There are specific phases of mitosis which can be associated with specific stages of cell replication. During Interphase and early Prophase, the cell unwinds its DNA and begins to replicate it.

because the DNA cannot leave the nucleaus. so it creates a duplicate of the DNA so the process of mitosis can carry out

DNA replication replicates the DNA. It results in two identical copies of DNA in preparation for the process of mitosis.

DNA synthesis occurs during the S phase of interphase. Interphase is not a part of mitosis.

mitosis is the process by which the DNA of a cell is copied, so chromosomes replicated throughout the process

the 1 cell divides into 2 different cells by the end of mitosis

DNA replicates during Interphase, not during mitosis

In Mitosis, DNA replication begins in stage 3 after the DNA has grown, it begins to split. It then splits and replicates into two cells, where it continues to replicate.

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