Easy way to level up range in runescape?

If yo want to just train on lesser demons you can just go to wizard tower, and it's a long road but to get to level 60 from level 1 you will need to kill nearly 950 lessers. So happy killing, and don't wory the lesser is cage so it can't hit you, but if you want you should get atleast 4-8k iron or steel arrows somthing cheap, unless or a mmher with high smithin and mining like me you can make addy arrows which are amazing for lvl and training, but If your a nonmember I wouldn't pay that much considering you will lose a majority of the arrows, unless you have telekenetic grab because then you can us it and get your undamaged arrows back, and I would also advise telekenetic grab because lesser demons drop tune meds, which can sell for a decen price at the general store, or if you have level 55 Mage you can high alchemy these meds for some money, and you are bound to pick up a few rune mediums, so good luck