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he went to Essex high school in virgina

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Is Chris Brown still a singer?

Chris Brown is still a singer.

Did the singer Chris Brown die?

No, singer Chris Brown is still alive.

Does Chris Brown the singer have kids?

No, Chris Brown the R&B singer does not have kids.

Was Chris Brown a coutry singer?

No. Chris Brown was never a country singer but he is fromthe country, (Virginia).

Is Chris Brown an African American singer?

Yes, Chris Brown is an African American singer.

Who is Zayn Malik's favorite singer?

Chris BrownZayn's favourite singer is Chris Brown

Can Chris Brown sing?

yes! Chris Brown is a GREAT singer!

Who is a better singer Chris Brown...or rihanna?

Chris Brown

Is shannon brown of the lakers related to singer Chris Brown?

No he is not related to Chris Brown.

Do Chris Brown have a wifegirlfriend?

Yes Chris Brown has a girlfriend. She is the singer Rihanna.

Who is a better singer between usher and Chris Brown?

Usher is a way better singer but chris brown is a good dancer

What singer has a last name brown?

Chris Brown.

Did Chris Brown what to be a singer?


Does singer Chris Brown have a std?


Who started Chris Brown's music?

Chris Brown started Chris Brown's music when Chris Brown became a singer.

Did Chris Brown hit rhiannah the singer?

yes chris brown hit rihanna the singer because they were dating and got into a fight

What is Chris Brown the singer father name?

Clinton Brown.

Is Chris Brown a rapper?

Yes Chris Brown is a rapper, singer, dancer, actor,and songwriter.

Were does Chris Brown?

chris brown is 20 years old and a pop star and a singer lol

Who does singer Chris Brown date?

chris brown dated rihanna in 2008 threw 2009

Education of Chris Brown?

Chris brown Graduated from Essex High School in Virginia.

Chris Brown favorite singer?

Dejah hawkins is his fav singer

Is Chris Brown a singer?

Yeah of course

Who is the first best singer?

Chris Brown

Who is America's favorite singer?

chris brown

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