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Tasmanian tiger:Australia

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Q: El chupacabra could be Tasmanian tiger?
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Which animal crossed to make el chupacabra?

My reason to answer this queastion is to let people know that we are in danger.I thin el CHUPACABRA was crossed between a Tasmanian tiger I know it has been extinct since 1936 but what do we know probably before it got extinct it crossed with a coyote and and prbably a Kangooro but what do i know i am only 14 years of age, just think of it I am not trying to alarm people that we are going to be ATTACKED by CHUPACABRAS but just go to Google or to Wiki and look for the Tasmanian tiger and the coyote and also the kangooro.O and pay attention to the Tasmanian tigers mouth and tail also the coyotes body and the kangooros big strong hind legs please don't be wrapped around in lies about the CHUPACABRA being an alien think real. If you have any question I will try to answer them at my email( so please ask me questions about this. O yeah What do I know I am only14.

What is the duration of Guns of El Chupacabra?

The duration of Guns of El Chupacabra is 1.5 hours.

When was Guns of El Chupacabra created?

Guns of El Chupacabra was created on 1997-04-20.

When was El Chupacabra - EP - created?

El Chupacabra - EP - was created on 1998-11-24.

What does El dia del chupacabra esta cerca mean?

"El dia del chupacabra esta cerca" translates into English as "The day of the chupacabra is near."

Is El Chupacabra real?


Where does El chupacabra live?

The El Chupacabra used to live in Mexico, but it is heard that is managed to cross the border to the U.S

What does the chupacabra wear?

El Chupacabra wears a white tall-T and Denim jeans.

Is the chupacabra a male or female?

the el chupacabra is not known as male or female but my guess would be a male

What are some Mexican legends?

El Chupacabra.

El Chupacabra the drink is from which country?

Mexico Mexico

From which country does el chupacabra originate from?

mexico, I think