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Check your cooling fan

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What does the word stopped mean?

It currently when you finished running you had to stopped

Your 92 Geo Storm suddenly stopped running it turns over but you noticed that a freeze plug had been blown out and in the air intake it is blowing air out instead of in any ideas?

you are blowing exhaust through the intake. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what that means.

Who stopped Guy Fawkes from blowing up the houses of parliament?


What should you check if your heater stopped working in a 1993 Jeep Cherokee?

Which part isn't working? Is it blowing air but it stays cold, is it not blowing at all or is it just blowing to the defroster?

What would cause the AC to stop blowing in your 2002 ZX2?

i know the AC in my ZX2 stopped blowing because of a loose wire

What if the wind stopped blowing for a year?

wind stops blowing when there is no high pressure area & low pressure area- and this is possible only when earth gets equally warmed by,if the wind stopped blowing for a year then there will be no rain on that year. on other hand the production of electricity by wind power will stop.

The heat in your car stopped working?

Has the fan stopped blowing or is the air coming out cold? Need more info please, make model, year and such.

Infinity I30t stopped while driving No overheat not out of gas?

fuel pump relay may need replacing

Why was the Olympics stopped?

I don't think Olympics have stopped. It is still running every four years.

Why does the ac in your car stop blowing cold when you are stopped?

Could be anything? Best to have a pro look at it

Potterton puma combi boiler hot water ok but no heating why?

Solenoid valve on heating coil not opening or coil stopped up.

Why has your heater in Vauxhall frontera stopped?

my heater switch on my vauxhall frontera as just stopped working but we can feel slightly heating coming through

What is idling of engine?

A car that is stopped with the engine running.

Why is your air conditioner blowing air but not cold?

If the air conditioner is not new it could have stopped blowing cold air because of several different things, too many to list here. Here are couple of possible reasons: all the refrigerant gas has leaked away; a pump has stopped working; someone else turned the temperature control to a higher temperature...? The best advice anyone can give you is to call a licensed Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technician to fix it for you.

Is it ok to run air conditioning when car stopped?

Not sure what you mean by 'stopped' but the simple answer is yes, it is ok. If the engine is not running, but the key is on with the A/C on, basically, the blower motor is the only thing running - the AC compressor is not engaged and moving freon through the system, cooling the air and blowing cold air. It is ok to do this, but the air will quickly warm up. If the engine is on, and you are stopped (in Park for example), it is okay to continue running the AC. However, it is not working as well as it 'can'. A moving car will have air passing over the condenser which acts as a heat exchanger (cooling the freon and releasing heat) and blowing colder air. Without the car moving, the AC will still work - just not as well as it can. The car will also run a little hotter because of no air movement across the radiator, and it being under a load (having the AC running).

Why were Annemarie Ellen and Kirsti stopped by the soldiers in Number the Stars by Lois Lowry?

They were stopped because they were running.

What is a running and stopped clock in basketball?

A running clock is where during the whole game the ball is in play.

You have an inline under-sink water heater that has stopped heating the water why?

it died

What would cause a 1996 Mitsubishi Galant to have no heat?

heating element stopped working

Why your car stopped while running?

maybe my radiator is defective

Why did maniac stop running?

He stopped because he is maniac.Like they can do anything.

Why did Forrest Gump stop running across America?

In the movie he said that he was tired and just stopped running.

How do you get an extra balloon on mariokart DS balloon battle?

If you have balloons in reserve, you can blow one up either by blowing into the microphone or by holding down the SELECT button while stopped. You can also steal balloons off of other drivers by running into them with a mushroom.

Why is my 2000 Mazda 626 not blowing cold air when I'm stopped at a traffic light?

because you car is stupid

When the battery was disconnected the air stopped blowing through the front vents on your 2004 trailblazer why?

No power, no air! Simple

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