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Maybe dirty fuel filter.

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Q: Engine runs good at first then sputters and dies?
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Why does my 1988 Chevy s10 idle really good but when driving it sputters and backfires?

The Sputtering tends to be a old or clogged fuel filter the engine is getting starved of fuel replace that and it should fix the problem

Less than 15 miles after filling up with gas car sputters and turns off is it bad gas?

When my 2002 SC2 sputters, stalls, "Service Engine" light comes on, I dump a can of injector cleaner in the tank and it runs fine and the light goes out. Can't say for sure that's your problem, but it is a small enough investment to try it out. Good Luck.

How do you test the Ignition control module for a Nissan 300zx?

If you can start the engine when cold, but it sputters and stalls when it's warm, then you most likely have a bad ICM. When you crank the engine, if you have tachometer movement, then the module is good, if there's no tach movement while cranking then the module is bad. The tachometer gets the signal from the module, so if the tach works, then the module is good.

How do you check the charging system on a Lincoln LS?

with the car running disconnect the negative terminal from the battery if engine dies alternator is no good

Is car tuner a profession?

No, it is not. But a piano tuner is. If a car's tuning is not good, the engine dies quickly, and does not remain on. It can be fixed by an auto-mechanic.

When you unplug your IAC the engine dies is it bad?

no, that's good. If it doesn't die, then you're in trouble. You need to clean or replace your IAC

Why does the engine dies when turning the steering wheel on a 1992 Mazda MX3?

check power steering fluid and check to see if battery is good

If you disconnect your battery will your 92 Mercury Sable stay running?

If your alternator is good it should stay running until your engine dies from no fuel.

What is the closest translation of optima dies prima fugit?

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Why a good shape 5.0L engine in a 89 c vic idle RPM rev up and down in short cycles when air conditioning is turned on until engine dies?

Throttle positioning sensor

What does it mean when my lawnmower starts and then dies?

Most common problem is a dirty/clogged fuel filter restricting a good flow of fuel to the engine. Otherwise, the carburetor needs adjustment. Or, if the engine is blowing black smoke before it dies, check the spark plug and the air filter, or a too rich mixture from the carburetor.

Horror movies with good friends in it?

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Engine runs rough when parked on incline when accelerating it sputters then takes off when you give it even more gas usually does this at take off and when accelerating easy?

you might just need a good tune up if that dont fix it check your fuel filter if that is good then get some throttle body cleaner and clean that out and if your still not good have your injectors cleaned and worst case senario you might have weak ignition elements

Bike runs good tell you put it in gear then it dies what is the problum?

check the side stand switch , this cuts out the engine if it (the side stand) is down when you put the bike in gear .

Was Henry ford the first man to make a good working engine?

Yes he was.

What is wrong with my car if it spits and sputters when turned off after a long drive and is leaking a little water on the ground?

This is because your vehicle's engine is almost at the highest operating temperature as you drove a long drive and you may have shut the engine down without letting it to cool for a minute or two. here what happens is your engine is hot and the heat is exchanged through the radiator to atmosphere when you stop the engine it does not do as it runs. the stored heat energy in the engine rises the temperature and boils coolant when you shut the engine off immediately after a long drive. this habit is especially not good for some of the engine parts such as turbocharger, oil seals and rubber gaskets. I guess this is your case as i guess all other parts of your engine works perfectly.

1996 Ford Aspire Car idles good and then sputters for a second and then idles fine again sometimes it kill when it sputters but only at idle speeds Smell gas out of tailpipe.?

Sounds like you are getting too much gas not being burned. Make sure your spark plugs, wires, cap, and rotor are good first. Make sure your air filter is clean. Make sure throttle body is clean. Pull off and clean your throttle air control valve, watch out, it has coolant going through it. Then check and set your timing. If that's not it, then replace the O2 sensor that is mounted to the exhaust manifold.

Yamaha BW 200 Engine starts with first kick rides for five minutes and then dies it Will start five minutes later What is wrong with it?

i have an 85 bw 200 and it is having the same problem! i have replaced every part on the engine except for the cdi and the stator..i believe your problem is one of the two! When i replace and have a final answer i will let you know! Also check your valves to make sure they have acceptable clearance! Good luck!

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If the car battery dies because the door was left ajar will just boosting the battery and running the car be enough or do you need a new battery?

It should come back after running the engine if the battery is good.

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What are the symptoms of a bad fuel pump on a 1985 crown Victoria?

Well the first (and most obvious) symptom of a bad fuel pump is a crank-no start situation. The engine will turn over like a champ but spits, sputters, and dies if it fires at all. But, if the pump hasn't gone that far yet, the car may run fine, but falls on its face and dies on hard acceleration. Electric fuel pumps are much easier to test than mechanical pumps. Basically, with an electric fuel pump just turn the key to the ON position. If you hear a dull humming noise coming from the tank, the pump is working and the problem is elsewhere (unless the pump has lost prime). If no sound is heard, check the fuel pump relay and inertia switch (if equipped) for a possible circuit interference. If a mechanical fuel pump, pull the inlet hose off the carburetor, which is usually in front of the carb baseplate. Have an assistant pulse the ignition (kick the engine over). If the pump is good and has not lost prime, a decent amount of fuel should spray out of the removed hose.

What does buenos dies mean in English?

Good Morning - Good Day

Can you use synthetic oil in a new engine?

For the first 1600 km's or 1000 miles on a new engine just use regular oil. The reason being is that you want MORE friction in the engine to help the parts wear properly for a good "break in", synthetic oil has such good lubrication properties that it can interfere with proper engine break in.

Why does 99 firebird engine dies but cranks back up when you try to restart it?

if your fuel pressure is still good i would replace the crankshaft position sensor , it is located behind the crankshaft pulley, you will have to pull it with a puller.