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How do you enjoy sex?

There are quite a few ways to enjoy sex. If you are having sex and you WANT to enjoy it then just relax-you will enjoy it more when you do, usually all you NEED to think of is your partner then. Have fun!sex is in the mind just think of it. teach your partner what he/she can do to make it enjoyab ( Full Answer )

What do you enjoy in programming?

Answer . I like almost everything about it. Figuring out problems, writing code and then it doing something functional, who wouldn't love this.

How do you enjoy?

If you want to enjoy life, then try to make the most of every day.Of course, we all have to work and do chores and what not, but youcan squeeze in something fun or joyful every day. When you are notworking, do things that make you happy. Spend time with family andfriends.

How do you enjoy failure?

See failure as a learning experience, which it is, rather than as a defeat, which it isn't.

Did you enjoy Get Smart?

Yes!!! Get smart is an amazing movie!! i have seen it plenty of times, and i am not yet bored of it!! Get smart is way better then anyother movie!!WOOP!!WOOP!!

French translation for enjoy life?

"La vie". Use in a sentence: J'aime la vie!/I enjoy life! La vie est bon/life is good Je n'ai pas de vie/I don't have a life. And much more! Enjoy your life is 'Profites de la vie!' in french

What rhymes with enjoy?

Rhymes with enjoy: . Annoy . Boy . Cloy . Coy . Decoy . Deploy . Destroy . Employ . Envoy . Joy . Ploy . Roy . Soy . Toy . Troy Cheese is good Annoy boy soy Deploy, decoy, annoy

How do you say enjoying in french?

You could try the verb "apprecier", adapting it to the person/people that you're referring to. Or, you could use "aimer" ("to like", an easy verb that you're first taught in French lessons). J'aime, tu aimes, il/elle/on aime, nous aimons, vous aimez, ils/elles aiment. However this can also be taken ( Full Answer )

How do you say enjoy your weekend in french?

One would generally say "Passez un bon weekend" when using "vous" and "passe un bon weekend for "tu" - or quite simply "Bon weekend!" Some people might insist on using the term "congé de fin de semaine" instead of using the word "weekend", but it's very unusual in France.

How do you say enjoy yourself in France in french?

If it is somebody you know well / younger than you then use the "tu" form: Amuse-toi en France! If you are talking to somebody more formally then use the "vous" form: Amusez-vous en France!

Is it enjoys or enjoyment or enjoying or enjoyed that is a noun?

The word 'enjoyment' is a noun . The word 'enjoyed' is the past participle of the infinitive 'to enjoy'. The word 'enjoying' is the present participle of the infinitive 'to enjoy'. The word 'enjoys' is the third person singular of the infinitive 'to enjoy' in the present indicative.

How do you say enjoy the day in French?

Je vous souhaite de passer une bonne journée ---------------- Answer n.2: (Parisian born/raised). A less "touristic sounding" option is just say " Bonne journée ". "Je vous souhaite de passer une bonne journée" is technically correct with a textbook sound to say to a teacher, stranger, gr ( Full Answer )

How do french people enjoy their weekend?

They go out, go for a walk, make a trip, invite their friends for dinner, go to a museum/theatre/film/concert. The barbecue is about to become a national phenomenon, too.

Enjoy your beautiful Christmas gifts?

Ok Well most 5/6 yr olds when they gt presents and say NOOO I DIDNT WANT TIS I HATE YOU GO AWAY AND BLA BLA BLA and then they turn naughty and hit people and don't get anymore presents cos they are naughty and they will get even naughtier so that's why 7-10 yr olds represent saying thankyou even i ( Full Answer )

Is it an enjoy or and enjoy?

Enjoy is a verb > enjoy, enjoys, enjoying, enjoyed. You should relax and enjoy yourself. The conjunction 'and' is used to join two words to form a compound verb, a compound subject, or a compound object. An enjoyableness > noun The article 'an' precedes a noun or an adjective that start ( Full Answer )

How do you you say enjoy it in french?

You don't say, enjoy "it". They know what you're talking about. You say: Amusez-vous bien! (Polite form) Amuse-toi bien! (Familiar form)

Sit and enjoy in french?

Assieds toi et savoure/admire If the person is not a child or a friend Asseyez vous et savourez/admirez Savoure: For food or a sensation Admire: For something you show

What French dessert do Australians enjoy?

crepes are a french dessert that Australians enjoy to eat. ;) hope this helps i have a french assignment to do and part of it is about french culture so i was looking up french desserts that we eat in australia and crepes are a very big one so i hope i helped you

How do you enjoy reading?

The way that I can enjoy reading is by finding a story that is suited to my reading level and interests me as well. Picking a novel is crucial to the enjoyment of a story do start off with looking at books that seem interesting and intrigue you. Afterwards, if you throughly enjoyed that novel find s ( Full Answer )

What arts do the French enjoy?

You cant exactly ask a question like that when there are alot of people in France that all enjoy different things. Also, It depends on what time of year you are talking about.

Is enjoying an adjective?

No, it is a form of a verb. It is the present participle of theverb (to enjoy), and may be used an a noun (gerund).

What do you enjoy about engineering?

This is a too open ended question and because everybody's different some people might absolutely hate engineering.

What do you enjoy about WikiAnswers?

I enjoy WikiAnswers because I get the chance to answer people's questions, ask questions, welcoming new users (Community Outreach), catching Vandals, learning new things, and making new friends. (Ilovecatz1234) I love WikiAnswers because you can make friends while answering and asking questions.(Ta ( Full Answer )

Is enjoyed a noun?

No, the word enjoyed is the past participle, past tense of the verb to enjoy. The noun forms for the verb are enjoyer, enjoyment, and the gerund,enjoying.

What is the verb for enjoy?

Well, if the the verb of fight is fighting, and the verb of die is dying, than we can concluded that the verb of enjoy is enjoying.

Is enjoyed an adjective?

It could be, but not typically (e.g. enjoyed pastimes to mean enjoyable pastimes ). It is normally a past tense verb, but as the past participle itcould be used as an adjective.

I was wondering how you say enjoy our presentation in French.?

Well, the direct translation would be "Appréciez notre exposé", but the common way of conveying the feeling in French would be the same as saying "We hope that you will enjoy our presentation", which is "Nous espérons que vous apprécierez notre exposé".

What do you enjoy about swimming?

that their is lots of people to play in the swimming pool and theiris toys and life jackets that are really fun to swim with

What is 'Enjoy' when translated from English to French?

Amuse-toi bien! informally and singly and Amusez-vous bien! formally or plurally are French equivalents of the English word "Enjoy!" The respective pronunciations of the present imperative in the second person informal singular "you" and second person formal singular "you"/formal and informal plu ( Full Answer )

What do frogs enjoy?

Frogs enjoy finer things in life, like chilling out at a nice cool pool on a hot summers day. They love jumping and some juicy, tender bugs.

What is there to enjoy at edinburgh?

well there is a lot to do in Edinburgh, such as......: visiting Edinburgh castle scots monument holyrood palace ........ and many more !

Why you enjoy movies?

Many people enjoy movies because the entertainment they receive takes them away from their problems while in the theater. Others watch them to see how well their favorite actors / actresses perform.

What are some gifts that a grandma might enjoy?

There are many gifts that a grandmother may enjoy receiving. One should always think of the individual woman when buying a gift, but there are several gifts that almost every grandmother would enjoy. A handmade gift from young grandchildren is sure to be a hit. Perhaps a hand print gift with a sweet ( Full Answer )

What are some great gifts for an uncle that enjoys fishing?

Some gifts one might purchase for an uncle who enjoys fishing are lures, or even a tackle box. One can also purchase him a new fishing rod. A gift card to Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops would be a great gift as well.

What are some gifts that teens would enjoy?

The gifts that teens enjoy depends on the individual teens. One must ask what their interests are, what their hobbies are, and one's relationship to the teen.

Which women would enjoy a Clinique Happy Gift Set?

There is no way to determine for sure which women would like to receive such a gift, but there are many women who do enjoy that sort of thing. You could always give a gift card instead if you are unsure.