Enjoy in french as in enjoy the gift?

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How do you enjoy?

If you want to enjoy life, then try to make the most of every day.Of course, we all have to work and do chores and what not, but youcan squeeze in something fun or joyful ever

Enjoy your beautiful Christmas gifts?

Ok Well most 5/6 yr olds when they gt presents and say NOOO I DIDNT WANT TIS I HATE YOU GO AWAY AND BLA BLA BLA and then they turn naughty and hit people and don't get anymore

What French dessert do Australians enjoy?

crepes are a french dessert that Australians enjoy to eat. ;) hope this helps i have a french assignment to do and part of it is about french culture so i was looking up frenc
In English to French

How do you say i enjoyed the movie in french?

I enjoyed the movie. (J'ai apprécié[e] le film.) However, "I liked the movie" (J'ai aimé[e] le film) is more natural.