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I'll bet there are lots of examples right there in the history book you copied this question from. And your instructor will be looking for one of them.

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Q: Example of how did women make a difference on the home front?
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What is a example of how women made a difference in home front?

they cooked, cleaned, and washed the dishes in the homefront kitchens.

What are some examples of how women made a difference on the home front?

women get mailed

How did women make a difference in World War 2?

They stayed at home to help with the home front duties

How did women make a difference on the home front?

they worked in the men jobs and people thought they did good so they made it fair for them to have a job.

Did women fight in world war 1?

No. They stayed at home helping on the home front.

How did propaganda posters help mobilize the US home front for World War 2?

By inspiring the women and people in the home front work harder to win the war. by insparating the women and people in the home front work harder to win the war by inspiring the women and men not in the war to join/support the war

The women on the home front how did they feel about the actions against the axis powers?

Most people on the home front, including women, wanted the Allies to be victorious. More than anything, however, they wanted their soldiers home and safe.

Difference between medieval women and men?

The difference between men and women were that the men did a lot more work than the women at certain points of the year. The women did more home jobs.

What was the home front like for women in World War 1?


Women in Australia during World War 2?

Carried on in the home front.

World War I home front?

The home front during ww1 was all the men and women that helped out the wounded or starving solders that arrived home. They fed them, looked after them and even sleeped with them :p.......

What did americans on the home front do?

One thing Americans did on the home front, particularly women, was build airplanes and ships. Many Americans also bought war bonds.

Give an example of how women made a difference on the home front during world war 2?

* They took jobs that allowed men to go to war. * They ran the households and raised the kids * They learned to cook with limited supplies * They went without things like nylon stockings and new shoes

Which best describes women who went to work during wartime?

Soldiers on the home front.

What was life like on the Home Front?

Many goods were rationed on the home front, include rubber and nylon. Women took over the factory jobs of men who were away at war.

Did women have an important role in Japanese home front in World War 2 like Rosie?

/no because women were stupid in the past fee Hudson

What was the role of women in the 1940's in the US?

Women were left to stand the home front while the men went off to fight in WWII.

What role did American women play in the home front effort in World War 1?

the women cooked, did laundry, and nursed sick or wounded soldiers.

Were women working on the home front during World War 2?

Yes because the men were at war

How did Americans organize for war on the home front?

Americans organized for the war on the home front by sacrificing everyday indulgences for the soldiers. Women and children went to work as well to ensure that the soldiers had all that they needed.

Why women should be in the war?

Women were the backbone of both World War 2 and World War 1 (And the Viet Nam War). Without the women joining the forces and working on the home front the wars could not have been waged. Women helped to build armament, planes, ships, ammunition and made Uniforms. The men could not leave home if the women did not take their places to keep the home front functioning. The nurses and female doctors all contributed to the front and back at home to substitute for the doctors at the front. Many people forget the kids, teens, and young ladies who all made the war possible. They helped with all the volunteer work, recycling efforts and by taking care of themselves while their mothers worked.

What were stereotypes of women in the 1940s?

Probably working in factories back on the home-front, with a very Rosie the Riveter look to them?

4 in what ways did the women on the home front help the soldiers who went off to war?

The women sent food to the troops, made clothing and bandages and collected supplies.

How did Canadians help home front?

Canadians helped the home front by taking all the jobs in the community and running it themselves. Women and others farmed, cleaned, and did all of the necessities that needed to be done to keep their communities running.

In what ways did neither the northern nor the southern women contribute greatly to the war effort?

It could depend on which war, but women did not actually go to battle. Women took care of things on the home front.