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they worked in the men jobs and people thought they did good so they made it fair for them to have a job.

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Q: How did women make a difference on the home front?
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How did women make a difference in World War 2?

They stayed at home to help with the home front duties

Example of how did women make a difference on the home front?

I'll bet there are lots of examples right there in the history book you copied this question from. And your instructor will be looking for one of them.

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What did women do in ancient Africa to make a living?

Women in ancient and current Africa do not traditionally 'make a living' . They take care of the home and farm while the men make the living.

How did protest against British policies encourage women to become politically active?

it gave the women confidence that they could make a difference.

How did Eleanor Roosevelt make a difference?

she helped give civil rights for women in America

How did Jean Batten make a difference?

She proved that women could fly as well as men.

What Sacrifices did women make during war?

The sacrifies women made during war was to leave their children at home because men were fighting then so women were the only ones left to make the weapons

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How did the role of women change during World War 2 in England?

In England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States the role of women went from being farmers, housewives and socialites to women of strength who got up in the morning to work in war manufacturing plants, Red Cross places, or on the front lines as nurses, as entertainers for the troops and as volunteers across their nations. They raised money for the war bonds. They kept their families going, their husbands' businesses functioning and waited for their men to return. When someone lost their loved one on the front lines the women formed a community around the widows and grieving mothers. They prayed diligently. The war taught the women they could work outside the home and make a difference. Women's Liberation was born out of World War 2.

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Life in the 1820's was difficult for women.Most worked in factories in the north or stayed at home cooked,cleaned,and took care of there families.Women werent allowed to vote,therefore they werent a major part in changing or forming society.That's not to say that they did not try to make a difference as for example, Florence nightingale tried to make a difference :)

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