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Example of Allusion:

I don't know, maybe you should know...

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What is an example sentence using allusion?

You are making a dangerous allusion. I don't recognize the allusion.

What is an example sentence for allusion?

He made an allusion to my college being less important than his.

What is a biblical allusion example?

An sentence or quote that refers to the bible or something in the bible

You talk as if you thought you was Napoleon Bonaparte The sentence is an example of which literary term?


Examples of allusion in a sentence?

Get out of allusion . He will not come back.

A sentence for allusion?

Meaning "indirect reference" or "bringing something to mind in passing", the term "allusion" can be used in numerous ways in a sentence. Just one example would be, "The author's allusion to her primary source went undetected by all of the reviewers who critiqued her essay."

Example of the word allusion in a sentence?

she sings as good as Rihanna an allusion is a part of figurative language. it's definition is " a reference to a specific person, place, or thing // Cleopatra

What is an example of allussion in a sentence?

"Mable's continued allusion to koalas during dinner made Oliver seethe."

What would be an example for allusion for the necklace story?

An allusion references another character or story. In "The Necklace Story," when the sphinx is mentioned, that is an example of allusion.

Can you write a sentence with the word allusion?

The magicians magic trick was an allusion to the audience.

What is a sentence for allusion noun?

His allusion to Shakespeare's work appeared often in his writing.

Example of historical allusion?

an historical allusion can be boycott or a person or his or her saying that is used today as an example

What is an example of allusion in Ransom of Red Chief?

An example of one allusion in "Ransom of Red Chief" is "By Geronimo!",(40).

What is an example of an allusion in A Midsummer Night's Dream?

in act I scene I, Cupid is an allusion.

Is the movie frozen an example of allusion?

no cause allusion does not have a sister that has ice powers

Is this an example of an allusion This wonder of an elephant is very like a spear?

example ng metonymy tsaka allusion English 5

How would you use allusion in a sentence?

The Speaker Made An Allusion To The Speech By Martin Luther King Jr.

What is a sentence for allusion?

The allusion is to the fable of the crane that put its head into a wolf's mouth in order to extract a bone

How do you use the literary element allusion in a sentence?

what can help you is that you first find what word allusion reminds you of and than it will be much easear to write a sentence.that is what my teacher says A girl in class made an allusion to a famous poet named shakespeare.~ Sentence: John was hurt by an allusion to his failure.

What is an example of an allusion in Beowulf?

There is an allusion to the biblical story of Cain and how he kills his brother Abel.

How do you use allusion and illusion in a sentence?

I had thought she had made an unpleasant allusion to my secret vice, but it was nothing but a mere illusion.

What is an example of allusion in Mark Twain?

his allusion to Shakespear's famous work, Hamlet. "to be, or not to be; that is the bare bodkin."

Whats an example of allusion?

allusion is spelled wrong its spelled illusion and its like a magic trick

What are some example sentences of allusion?

You don't need to be a winner, just have the allusion of being a winner.He made an allusion that their next date might be special.

How do you put allusion in a sentence?

During his speech, the president made an allusion to the last war to send a subtle message to the enemy.

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