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My strangest job after college was my year and a half apprenticeship at a photo-retouching studio. Most people don't know that every model in a fashion magazine, every soup can in a magazine ad, even many newspaper photos, are retouched. Before the advent of Photoshop, photo-retouchers, using brushes and paints and dyes and bleaches, did all the work by hand. They might have made small changes, such as darkening the ice cubes and erasing bubbles in a photo of a glass of Coca Cola. Or they might have radically changed a supermodel's dress size and hair color. I once watched a retoucher shave thirty pounds from a chubby Bette Midler photograph for the cover of her Thighs and Whispersalbum. This was no easy task-Ms. Midler wore a strapless dress with crepe-like wrinkles. Using chemicals and paint, he had to erase the sides of her body, redraw the sides and the wrinkly dress further in, then extend the orange background to fill in the missing space. He slimmed her fat face too, took frizz out of her ghastly hair, and removed wrinkles and blemishes from her skin. And he had to do this so carefully that the changes were invisible to the human eye, which can pick up minute discrepancies in a photograph. If, for example, the retoucher drew the edge between the dress and the background too sharply, instead of blurring the edge in the manner of real photographs, the average music fan would see the sharpness as quickly as some of us see the face of a burn victim passing on the street. A good retoucher's work is invisible

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The IAU has so far recognized five dwarf planets differentiated from planets by a parameter of "planetary discriminant" which allows estimating the capacity to dominate orbits. According to NationMaster Encyclopaedia dwarf planets follow orbits which are not free from other minor celestial bodies. Simultaneously, they always circulate the Sun and not other celestial objects (they are not satellites). Several dwarf planets have already been scrutinized effectively. Their physical properties have been calculated through routine Earth-based observations as well as advanced image-searching software. Since current data may not be entirely accurate, further examinations are undertaken by astronomers and physicists world-wide.

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What is the best definition of an example paragrap

A paragraph that introduces a subject in the topic sentence and gives three examples of the subject in the bodyh?

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here is an example of defining a paragraph in a sentace

look i just did it

and again

notice the gap

Well done you know how a paragraph works (Y)

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Q: Examples of a definition paragraph
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Definition and examples of Anecdotes paragraph?

Anecdotes are a short account of something that happened. You could write an anecdotal paragraph about a party you went to.

Sample paragraph of a definition paragraph?

A definition paragraph would be one that offers a definition of a word or idea. The paragraph should be at least two sentences long, should state the word being defined, and give the answer.

What are examples of giving reason in paragraph patterns?

Make me a paragraph by giving examples.

What is the definition of a definition paragraph?

A definition paragraph is a type of paragraph that defines a specific term or concept in detail. It usually includes the term being defined, its class or category, and its distinguishing characteristics or features. The purpose of a definition paragraph is to provide clarity and understanding about the term being defined.

What is the definition of informational paragraph?

informal paragraph maeans the simple way to express the paragraph

What is the best definition of a paragraph?

is is a paragraph taht divides objects into different parts

Definition of expository paragraph?

Expository or Explanatory paragraph gives information about something.

Paragraph development by exemplification?

Paragraph development by exemplification mainly relies on various examples. A writer will develop a general statement in the topic and list specific examples in the paragraph.

What is the best definition of an example paragraph?

Example of definition paragraph. Give credits! - Janna :) Plagiarism is defined as the use of another person's ideas or wording without giving appropriate credit. People take plagiarism seriously because it violates the ethics pf the academic community. Therefore, when you incorporate in our paper either ideas or phrasing from another writer, whether you quote directly or indirectly, you need to indicate your source accurately and completely

What is the best definition of a cause-and-effect paragraph?

A paragraph that introduces a cause and then lists effects of the cause.

What are examples of exemplification paragraphs?

An exemplification paragraph is a paragraph in which you start off with a general topic sentence and then give examples to emphasize more about the topic.

What are the type of paragraph?

There are seven types of paragraphs. 1. Narration paragraph 2. Exposition paragraph 3. Definition paragraph 4. Classification paragraph 5. Description paragraph 6. Process Analysis paragraph 7. Persuasion paragraph