Examples of system?

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a system is basically things that work together to do a task. so i can be a digestif system, a bike, a car, ant farm, choir, etc.

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Examples of closed system?

examples of close system

Examples of macroscopic system?

examples of macroscopic system

What are some non examples of skeletal system?

non-examples of system

What are the examples where thermodynamics has been used to make everyday life easier?

eight examples of open system, close system isolated system eight examples of open system, close system isolated system

What are the different examples of expert support system in types of information system?

what are the different examples of expert support system in types of information system

What are some examples of organ sytems?

The nervous system and the respiratory system are examples of organ systems

Examples of an organ system?

respiratory system

What are examples of intellectual capital in the form of structural intangible assets?

examples of these systems are the information system, accounting system, purchasing system, and sales system

Are examples of effectors of the nervous system?

Um you should pose a correct question firstly and secondly examples of effectors in the nervous system are muscles. And examples of effectors in the endocrine system are glands

Examples of schematic diagram of the real number system?

"Examples of schematic diagram of the real number system?"

What are examples of operating system functions?

System Time The program loader Drivers Logon are some examples

What are examples of human body system?

Examples might be your muscular system which are made up of your muscles or your skeletal system which is made up of your bones.

Examples of a pulley system?

There are many examples of a pulley system such as a drawbridge in a castle or a set of rock climbing gear

What are the examples of mainframe computer?

IBM zSeries and System z9 computers are examples of the mainframe computers. System z10 servers are also examples of the mainframe computers.

Table's queries and reports are examples of?

They are examples of parts of a database system.

What are two examples of system works together with the circulatory system?

cardiovascular system and respiratory system

An example of an natural hydraulic system?

circulatory system and respiratory system are 2 examples

What are the 2 examples of an organ system?

1. digestive system 2. nervous system

Examples of transaction processing system?

Record Management System, POS, Batch system.

Examples of medium-size computer?

The IBM System 370, Burroughs 3500 System and NCR Century 200 system are examples of medium-size computers.

What is examples for information and system?

I nono the answer :)

What are examples of system in plants?


Examples of migration system theory of immigration?

what are some examples of migration That is not really an answer! :(

What is the example of Management Information system?

decision support system examples

Examples of application and system software?

Some examples of system software are Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OSX and DOS. Examples of applications are Word, MacWrite, and Nisus Writer.

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