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Most exotic cars are built in Europe

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Q: Exotic cars are built in Europe.?
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Are exotic cars considered sports cars?


How many cars are built in a year?

nd Mercedes c- class Amgare made by people and lots of other exotic cars. so mainly it depends on what kind of car. ^^the question was asking how many cars (in general) and there are aprox. 70million new cars built a year and about a total of 800million cars in the world.

Why were exotic cars made?

Simple,for exotic people wanting exotic things.Have money? Will spend!!

What brands of exotic cars are in Italy?

no there isn't any cars in Italy.

What is the most exotic car ever?

Bugattis and Lamborghinis are probably the most exotic cars.

What are the release dates for Great Cars - 2003 Exotic Autos?

Great Cars - 2003 Exotic Autos was released on: USA: 4 April 2005

How many people own exotic cars?


What does exotic mean when you use it to another person?

Exotic simply means 'not domestic' or 'from another country'. At some point, the word exotic gained an additional meaning...possibly because exotic race cars were winning more races than domestic cars or maybe because exotic actresses were seen as hotter than home-grown. It has come to mean higher quality, faster, sexier, and a lot of other comparatives. That has led at least one US car manufacturer (Chrysler) to run advertisements in the US claiming that their domestically built sports car is exotic.

Where are cars built?

cars are built in car factories

Where would you find a listing for an exotic car and what kind of cars would be classified as exotic?

An exotic car is one that stands out from the crowd because of some unique feature, usually related to superior performance in terms of speed, comfort, etc.. Cars such as the Spyker Laviolette and the Bentley Flying Spur are considered exotics.Exotic cars may be futuristic and evoke thoughts of luxury and indulgence. Most exotic cars are quite expensive and serve as status symbols for the people who purchase them. Sometimes exotic cars are purchased by collectors purely for the enjoyment of having one. You can find an online gallery with statistics and photos of some popular exotic cars at this website: To search listings or buy an exotic car, go here:

Exotic cars that start with y?

No exotic makes that I can think of, but Yenko Camaros are just as expensive (see link)

Which city can you often find exotic cars?


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