Explain employee mistrust as a challenge of MIS?

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People are naturally afraid of MIS technology, ie ...how will it be used... against them? Consistency and reliability of input by employee, managements reaction or inaction regarding employee input.
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What are the challenges of MIS?

Challenges in studying MIS: Some of the distinguishing challenges that the people face while planning, using or approvingmanagement information systems are: • MIS requir

Explain the link between MIS and BPR?

Any exercise towards building design of the management information system will be preceded by an exercise of business process re-engineering. Building the MIS is a long-term p

Explain what is meant by MIS?

MIS can be defined as a system that: . (a) Provides information to support managerial functions like planning, organizing, directing, controlling. . (b) Collects informatio

Explain the steps in the design of an MIS?

1. Data collection through interview, source documents and personal observation. 2. Defining the problem in deatil. 3. Setting the system objective. 4. Establishing constraint

MIS what are the challenges faced by MIS managers today?

Challenges in studying MIS: Some of the distinguishing challenges that the people face while planning, using or approving management information systems are: • MIS requi

What are the major challenges of planning for MIS?

the major answer for MIS, when examined closely, is quite simple. Through thorough analysis and critical thinking, it is clear that there is only one true option. The answer,

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Explain the benefits of MIS?

saves money and time it increase competitiveness it helps in decision making it provides training for staff it improves production and marketing techies
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What are the challenges for implementing MIS?

Challenges of MIS while implemendting: . Advance technology . Competitors technology . Customer's orientation towards required information about product and quality . Indu
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Rapid growth of the internet both in terms of data traffic and in terms of diversity of service has led to a high complexity of network architecture. Developing a flexible
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The challenges before an HR manager while selection of green horns are: - a five minute personal interview cannot judge all the qualities of a person. - the candidates co