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AlliesBecause they had a crap front line and poor defence but as they took over countries they got more and more powerful. They got more men has they invaded countries creating a better front line and defence.
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Q: Explain how the allies did so badly at first but eventually successful key-dates?
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Was d-day successful explain the outcome?

D-Day was successful because on the first day alone the Allies landed over 170,000 soldiers with almost 10,000 vehicles.

What nation that had signed a noneggression pact with Germany eventually joined the allies?

what nation that had signed a nonaggression pack with Germany eventually joined the allies

Were the Japanese successful?

They, like their allies, the Germans, were successful until about 1943. They both were clearly losing the war by then.

What was the peloponnesiam war?

It was a war in Ancient Greece between Sparta, its allies and Athens with its allies. With the Spartans winning eventually in the end.

What side did US eventually join in world war 1?

The Allies

Were The Allies were successful in driving Germany from northwestern France with American help?


What nation had signed a nonaggression pact with Germany that eventually joined the allies?


In about paragarph's Explain what happened in World War 2?

Axis verses Allies.

How did Hitler respond to the successful invasion of France by the Allies?

he ordered a counter attack in belgium

Who won battle of Britain World War 2?

The allies were successful in the Battle of Britain.

What is the reason that the USSR lifted the blockade of Berlin after the Berlin airlift?

The Airlift showed that the blockade wouldn't work. The Soviets eventually agreed to negotiate with the western Allies. The negotiations were successful and the Soviets agreed to end the blockade a few days later.

What nation that had signed the nonaggression act with Germany eventually joined the allies?

The soviet Union

Who were Germany's allies after World War 1?

Germany was hated after WWI. By and large they had no allies. This, by the way, was in large part what led eventually to WWII. There is a lesson here.

What Ocean Did The allies have control over during World War 2?

The Allies eventually gained control of all the oceans. That was a big part of winning WW2.

Why were the D Day landings Successful?

because the Germans thought the Allies were landing somewhere else

How did battles in North Africa affect the Allied cause?

The Allies defeated Axis forces in North Africa, which set up the successful Allied invasion of Italy.

Were the Allies from operation Overlord successful?

Operation Overlord was the operational name given to the Allied assault on Normandy in World War 2. The assault began with the famous "D-Day" Normandy landing and eventually culminated in the German retreat on August 30, 1994. It was the success of Overlord that allowed Allied forces to eventually liberate western Europe from German occupation.

What made the allies successful on D-day?

The allies became successful on D-day beacuse, they fought down the German barrier's, and captured all of the 5 beaches .. Eg ( Gold, Juno, Sword, Omaha and Utah ) .. This made The Germans fall back, and retreat.

How did us entry into world war 1 allowed allies to win?

both the allies and axis forces were tired and had low morale. When the us entered the war, they had brought new supplies to the allies forces in Europe and boosted morale. The us troops were not tired and weary. They had high morale and boosted the allies fighting strength. This led to many victories for the allies and eventually the allies won the war

What is the allies and the central powers?

Both powers were a combined alliance of nations, the allies were; Great Britain, France, Spain, Belgium,(eventually the US would join the war but in 1918). The Central Power were; Germany(Remember, just Germany not "Nazi" Germany because the Nazi's were WW2), Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria( Italy would eventually switch over to the allies.

What lesson did the allies learn from the battle of Britain?

They learned that air superiority is essential before a land invasion can be successful.

Why was D-day invasion successful for the allies?

The Allies had so many soldiers we were willing to spare. They knew they would suffer many casualties, but they had so many men, it didn't matter.

When did Germany become allies with Italy?

On September 27, 1940 Germany and Italy become allies along with Japan when they signed the Tripartite Pact. These powers eventually became known as the Axis Alliance.

What nation that had signed a nonagression pact with Germany eventually joined the allies?

Russia ; it was known as the "Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact" .

How did the allies win battle of the bulge?

The Allies won the Battle of the Bulge. They were successful in defeating the German attempt to punch a hole in the Allied lines. It was the last time that the Germans were able to launch an offensive drive.