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Explain how the environment in which a business operates impacts upon?

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The business environment impacts a business because managers have to make decisions based on what is going on around them. If the environment is fiercely competitive, then the business would have to respond appropriately.

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How the environment in which a business operates impacts upon its success?

The environment affects a business because changes can impact business strategy and processes. For instance, heavy government regulations can place a burden on the business.

Explain how the macro micro and market environment impacts upon which a business operates its success?

The macro micro and market environments have impact upon a businesses operating success in many ways. Most business prices are set by the laws of supply and demand. Both the international demand and the local demand for a product or service will effect the business.

What is the difference between environment and environmental science?

The environment is the conditions and surroundings an organism operates in. Environmental science studies the environment, how it impacts organisms, and how the different organisms impact it.

What are the impacts of industrialisation on environment?

What are the impacts of industrialisation on environment

Dicuss one ethical issue relating to production showing how it impacts on a business?

Is the behavior when dealing with Customers, Suppliers, Society, and the Environment.

How does music impacts the environment?

It doesn't.

What are the impacts that dead batteries on the environment?

Batteries have toxic, which can harm the environment

What are positive effects of mining on the environment?

There are no positive impacts of mining on the environment.

What are the negative impacts of business?

negative impact of internet on business

What are the impacts of electronic wastes on the environment?


Explain why as a business grows its affairs become more complicated?

When a business grows, its affairs become more complicated in most cases. That is because the business is dealing with more outside entities. This impacts the relationships it has and makes it more complicated.

How does Coal impact the environment?

coal impacts our environment by polluting the air when it is burned some more impacts are generated waste, fuel supply, and water use.

What are the impacts of exploration?

Political, economic, social, environment.

What are two negative impacts on the environment?

Pollution and Deforestation

What are some negative human impacts on the environment?

There are several human impacts on the environment that people are slowly beginning to realize are having a negative effect. Things such as coal plants, leaving appliances plugged in when not using them, and the exhaust that comes from cars are just a few examples of negative human impacts on the environment.

Explain the role of SWOT analysis as a tool of facilitating strategic choice at the business level?

Managers use SWOT to determine what opportunities they would like to go after within the market. At the business level, this impacts what products are produced each day in a manufacturing business.

How does your way of using oil impact your environment?

the leakage of the oil from the vehicle you use impacts your environment.

What are the impacts of the environment in the negatively that can be found in Malaysia?

global warming

Impacts of imperialism on Indian farmers?

effects of development on the environment

What are the impacts of macro environment in an organization?

well you do is fair trade

What are the impacts of Globalization of health and environment?

sepaluloy tarantutoy kayo

What are the positive impacts on the environment of gasoline?

there really isn't any

What are the Environmental laws?

Environmental law is a complex and interlocking body of treaties, conventions, statutes, regulations, and common law that operates to regulate the interaction of humanity and the natural environment, toward the purpose of reducing the impacts of human activity.(Why don't you try it on Google?)

What are the economical impacts on mining titanium?

There are no major impact on the environment and Bye

What impacts do bridges have on a people society or environment?

in a positive and negative way