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This is a nonconformity. the contact is between an igneous and sedimentary rock formation. Granite should be on the bottom and sandstone on top, If this is not the case then some type of over-turning has taken place. The depositional envornment allowed sand to acculate over the top of the granite and later consolodated into a rock. This is called a contact. Many years ( perhaps millions) passed) before the whole mass became a rock formation. Can you identify other contacts in the area? If so, you may be able to date this contact and correlate it to other areas in your vicinity. See if you can trace it and look on geologic maps to see if it is mapped. If not, you may have found something that no one has yet discovered.

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A layer of sandstone is in contact with a mass of granite The granite contains small pieces of the sandstone Which rock is older?

The Granite

If a mass of granite is in contact with a layer of sandstone that contains small pieces of the granite which rock is older?


Which two kinds of adjoining bedrock would most likely have a zone of contact metamorphism between them?

limestone and granite

What does it mean when pieces of sandstone are found in granite?

Granite is sometimes found in sandstone from cementation of glacial drift. If sandstone is found in granite, it would be quite unusual in that the sandstone had not metamorphosed from the heat of the magma intrusion that created the granite.

How does granite change into sandstone?

Granite becomes Sandstone when water erodes the Granite on Earths surface, and then deposits the sediment.

If a layer of sandstone is in contact with a mass of granite that contains small pieces of the sandstone which rock is older?

granite is older, Granite goes back more than 300 mya to the Ancestral Rockies or the first Rocky Mountains-Fountain Formation

What stones weather faster out of sandstone or granite?


Is sandstone a scoria granite or pumice?

None of those. Scoria, Pumice and Granite are igneous rocks. Sandstone is sedimentary.

Which weathers faster sandstone or granite?

Sandstone is a delicate rock. Sandstone weathers faster.

How does granite form into sandstone to quartzite?

granite is not the kind of rock that would form into sandstone. sandstone is a sedimentary rock that is worn away by dirt and dust rubbing against it in the wind. Granite is not a sedimentary rock.

Describe how the granite of a mountain could change first into sandstone and then into quartzite?

Weathering causes the granite to break down into small particles - sand. The sand becomes buried and compacts into sandstone. If the sandstone continues to be buried and comes into close contact with high heat, such as magma, it can be turned into quartzite.

Is the great wall of China made of granite or sandstone?


How is Granite different from Sandstone?

Granite is harder than sandstone for a start. Also granite has a crystal type structure whereas sandstone has a sedimentary structure which is weaker as it has been compressed and deposited in its formation which makes it weather easier.

Why is a piece of sandstone porous but a piece of granite is not?

Granite particles are interlocked as the minerals formed from the slow cooling of molten material. Sandstone does not have the same interlocking crystal system, and voids between particles are generally larger.

What is the daughter rock of granite?

it is sandstone

What rocks is the texture of sandpaper granite shale sandstone marble?


Which rock holds more water shale sandstone or granite?


Which gives smoother surface when polished granite sandstone brick or concrete?


Why is granite harder than sandstone?

Granite is composed of interlocking grains, a result of minerals solidifying at different temperatures as they cool from magma. This interlocking structure makes granite very durable and hard. Sandstone is formed of cemented sand sized grains. The bond between grains is not as strong as the interlocking grain found in granite.

What sedimentary rock forms from granite?


How can granite turn into a sandstone and then back into a quartzite?

The weathering and erosion of granite can eventually lead to deposits of sand. The sand can accumulate and lithify into sandstone. Under conditions of heat and pressure, the sandstone can metamorphose into quartzite.

Is granite or sandstone more expensive?

Granite is more expensive as it is made under the earth (metamorphic rock) and harder to extract than sandstone which is a sedimentary rock

How are Quartzite Granite and Sandstone related?

In granite's rock cycle, it starts as Granite, then weathers and erodes to sandstone, then becomes quartzite under much heat and pressure.

What is the odd one out of granite basalt sandstone?

Sandstone is the odd one out as it is a sedimentary rock, as opposed to granite and basalt which are respectively felsic and mafic igneous rocks.

What is the Washington monument made of?

Marble, Granite and Sandstone