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Food Lion LLC is a Belgian-American grocery store company whose headquarters are located in Salisbury, North Carolina. There are more than 1,100 Food Lion locations in the United States, and the company employs nearly 48,000 employees.
The website is Be sure you have your BENEPIN ready, as it is needed to access any information.
Food Lion Vision We will produce Extraordinary results by serving our Customers, Associates, Shareholders, and Communities Every Day.
$7.25 an hour at the start, then after a year of full time you get benefits. It increases by about 2% every about 6-9 months.
The depths of hell if you work in grocery. Basically, the store is making under a certain amount, typically less than 100K a week. In order to save money, they cut labor like there's no tomorrow. In the Grocery Department, your DSD receiver is gone, as is your frozen and dairy manager and his crew....
There are two issues at work here: First, Food Lion is a corporation and as such is protected under the First Amendment. Should you be unfamiliar with the First Amendment, this is the one that protects free speech. So, like any private citizen, a corporation or the representatives of that...
I work at food lion.....and if you're gonna work anywhere, you have to learn to do it first.'ll have to work there and train with it to learn it.
yes As of January 2013, Food Lion will no longer the EBT card
YOU CAN'T! Their designed so people like you can't CHEAT! The odds of winning are very low anyway. Not really worth the time.
Yes, they do, or at least the ones on the eastern shore of VA do. I have done it myself - very convenient!
Yes, but only if you have a work permit.
yes, the one near me does.
Yes. All Food Lions are open on Christmas Day. They are not openall day. Is food lion open Christmas day
Food Lion closes at regular hours on New Year's Eve.
Typically they are supposed to be mailed out by Jan 31. If theyhave an updated address you should Get it. If not expect delays andI would Call HR to update current address and they can reprint andresend it.
Who hire you must get work permit from your school, so ,call them and ask.
they have already bought stores in TN and GA
Food Lion is operated by a group. They are called DEG brands.
No. You have to be 16.
The jury said "ABC has violated the privacy rights of a citizen of the state of North Carolina, and the jury doesn't like it. We all enjoy privacy rights. We insist on privacy rights. And it's not enough to say, well, I'm trying to find the truth. We don't allow the policemen to break into our...
The kiosk outside each Food Lion store is easy to operate. Just scan your MVP Card and you will get coupons that can be used.
You won't be able to be hired until you're 16, sorry! (I work at Food Lion)
yes they most are ay as you go or pre pay.
Food Lion does sell Takis at some of there stores.
Yes and No. It depends on the state and the labor laws. If you areunder the age of 17 you will be required to obtain a worker permit.
In the past, Food Lion stores were closed on Christmas Day. Thehours could always change for future Christmas days. You will needto contact your store for hours.
it is not open on new years day
i had 401 plan with food lion when i worked for them before and i would liked to know if i still do.
No, Food Lion is a very healthy place that benefits children and parents.
No. Food Lion is owned by Delhaize Group.
Wilson Smith, Ralph and his brother Brown Ketner founded Food Town in Salisbury, North Carolina in 1957. The name was changed in 1983 when the chain was acquired by the Belgian chain Delhaize.
Yes you can. Tips: Get to know the manager. THAT IS VERY INPORTANT. Go to FOOD LION IN PERSON. VOLUNTEER then ASK FOR A JOB.
Food Lion is owned and operated by Delhaize Group. Delhaize Groupis on the stock market under symbol DEG
I am sorry, but unfortunately not. Although it does depend on thestore it also depends on the Federal Labor Laws, which restrictcertain jobs to certain ages. Also it depends on the state as well,as some want under a certain age to apply for a work permit. To beable to have a job. Usually you can get...
1,113 according to Delhaize Group.
random urine drug testing, and saliva testing for hire and accident.
They tested my friend but we both live in NC. it depends on your location sometimes but as far as the middle of no where in north carolina goes, yes they drug test.
Food Lion's discount is the MVP card.
For a cashier or bagger, the average is around $7.50 / hr. For any other in-store part-time positions, it ranges up to around $10 / hr, but you have to be at least 18 for most of the other jobs and have a more full availability..
Food Lion does cash checks but charges a fee.
Dress nicely and go visit the customer service area of the store you wish to work at. Take the application home, copy it, and then fill it out. Copy it over neatly onto a clean copy.
As of March 7, 2013, Food Lion does not offer a senior discount.Food Lion often offers weekly specials and coupons to theircustomers. They also have a MVP Card that will allow you to savemore each time you shop at Food Lion.
Food Lion's customer service number is (800) 210-9569. They will beable to send you in the right direction.
The Food Lion grocery store currently maintains offices within Salisbury, North Carolina. It operates in states such as Tennessee, Kentucky, Virgina, and West Virginia.
Company contact information for the grocery store chain Food lion can be located by either inquiring at a location for this information or by visiting the official website for the company and use the "Contact" links on the website to find this information.
Some food lions say kids as young as 14 can work as a bagger.\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nAPPLICANTS FOR EMPLOYMENT - YOUR WARRANTIES\nBy submission of application materials to Food Lion (including, without limitation, resumes and responses to questions set forth on our electronic applications), You...
The Food Lion executive office is located in Salisbury, NC. There physical address is as follows: 2110 Executive Dr., Salisbury, NC, 28147. There mailing address is Food Lion LLC, 2110 Executive Drive, P.O. Box 1330, Salisbury, NC 28145-1330.
Is the lion in the food lion commercial real
Food Lion employees are paid bi-weekly. Wednesday is typically theday they are paid.
I personally shop at Food Lion because of the convenience in andthe low prices they have.
Food Lion is opened on Easter Sunday.
Food Lion (DZA Brands.) Stated that Full Time is 40 Hours per hour.Typical employees work around 30-35 hours per week.
Food Lion's population is 73,000.
Food Lion was created in 1957.
Most stores will allow this if you ask in advance, but it is up tothe individual store's policy. It is best to talk to the storemanager first and ask him this question, not us as we cannotknow the policies of all the different stores in the country.