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Math is the study of abstractions. Math allows us to isolate one or a few features such as the number, shape or direction of some kind of object. Then we can study what can be learned about the behavior of those features while ignoring everything else about the object.
Answer: 1,742,400 ft² = 40 acres.
1/16 ---------------------------------------------------- The above answer of 1/16 is the answer your teacher is more likelywanting as it makes the series so far a GP (Geometric Progression)with U{n} = 64 × (¼)ⁿ⁻¹. However, it is possible to find infinitelymany polynomials which...
Because it measues distance between lengths of object of the SI(System Of International Units). Also if you give math the teachera bad answer she might swat you with one!
The traditional answer is probably something like dimensions of a city or agricultural field or aircraft runway. But ANY length can be expressed in miles. The thickness of a human hair (say 100 micrometers) is approximately 6x10^-8 miles.
The diagonals of a square bisect each corner or vertex of the square.
Too vague a question. If you mean, does sealing the cup change themass, then no it does not change the mass of the water, though thesealing material would add its own mass to the total.
JosephAdhémar. PaulÉmile Appell. François Arago. LouisFrançois Antoine Arbogast. Jean-Robert Argand. Léon-François-Antoine Aurifeuille. LéonAutonne.
The length of a midsegment is half that of the parallel side of the triangle; assuming the midsegment is parallel to the [given] base, then its length is 27 ÷ 2 = 13.5 units.
You don't. You can change other measurements tocentimeters, more specifically, measurements of length suchas a certain number of meters, millimeters, feet, etc. But itdoesn't make sense to convert pure numbers to centimeters. Or toany other measurement for that matter. . +++ . "more specifically...
It can help to create the statistics. Sometimes it is difficult toknow the statistics are there if you do not see them on thecomputer.
Over 7,000 children are injured or killed due to ONLY gun violence.
As of 2013 Hispanic or Latino people made up 17.1% of the USpopulation. Around 37.6 million people spoke Spanish in the home asof 2011, that is two-thirds of the non-english speaking populationin the US.
54 km per second is equal to 120,794.56 mph
1 kg = 1,000 g 483 g = 483 / 1000 kg = 0.483 kg
Yes, the predominant units are all still metric, althoughcosmologists exploring the earliest instants after the big bangoften use units of planck time instead, but this of course is stillbased on the metric system. . +++ . The only other two units of time relevant in Astronomy andGeology are the...
The greatest factor of a number is the number itself.
When a pattern emerges. How you decide that is another matter.
approx. 7.167 times
0.25 no, 0.25 (or 1/4), is the reciprocal of 4. the reciprocal of 25 is 1/25
A single number does not have a range so you cannot find it.
CC stands for Cubic Centimeter, which is volume, while mg is in mass. Unless you know the density of the item that you want to calculate, you can't figure this out.
55 * 12 = 660
By using the inverse opperation, you divide 186 to 6 and you would get 31.
A ratio is a comparison between two quantities. Ratio is the quantitative relation between two different amountsshowing the number of times one value is contained within theother. To solve, you have to make each side of the ration equal,like an even scale. Adding further it is the value of relation...
Divide the number of days total by the number attended.365/180=2.0278, Round that down to 2, they go to school 1/2 of theyear. Check: 180*2=360 days
The gill is a unit of measurement for volume equal to a quarter of a pint.
50 kilometers = 164,041.995 feet
Median is finding the center of a line of some values. The values have to list in ascending order. When there are an odd amount of numbers: the median is the middle number. Example: find the Median of {12, 3, 5}. Put them in order: {3, 5, 12}. The middle number is 5, so the median is 5. ...
Any . +++ Strictly speaking, it is ADD. . The word 'sum' is used colloquially for any simple arithmeticalcalculation, but in mathematics a 'sum' is properly the result ofadding two or more numbers.
Its appears that the highest value ever sanctioned by the FederalGovernment has been $100,000. Even that was a very limited issue,printed for less than a month (between December 1934 and January1935).
MCMLX in Roman Numerals is 1960.
1 pint ≈ 56.8 cl
degree is the unit of either temperature or angle. But feet is theunit of length. So no relation between these two
Right angled triangles
Multiply by 9/5, then add 32. 19.5 degrees C is the same as 67.1degrees F.
If it is triangular, area = height x base/2 = 5 x 6 /2 = 15centimetres squared.
No they are not. A fluid ounce is a measure of liquid volume while an ounce is ameasure of mass or weight. A fluid ounce of milk and a fluid ounce of tar do not weigh thesame.
There are 25.4 millimetres in one inch. Therefore, rounded to two decimal places, 6 millimetres is equal to 6/25.4 = 0.24 inches. Direct Conversion Formula . 6 mm . * . 1 in 25.4 mm . = . 0.2362204724 in.
A sample is a part of a population
You can calculate as follows: * Convert the 4 inches to feet. * Multiply the area by the thickness. The result, so far, will bein cubic feet. * Multiply this by the density of the base. If you have the densityin pounds per cubic foot, the answer will be in pounds. * Convert that to pounds.
The quotient is the result of dividing the first number by thesecond number. So, 182 divided by 7 equals 26, the quotient.
Graphic and fractional scales are two different things. A graphicscale on a map is a line marked with the lengths which representreal distances. It has a zero at one end. A fractional scale simplygives the ratio between map and real distances, e.g. 1: 10 000, sozero doesn't come into it.
It is: 3.25% of 58 = 1.885
In the U. S., "billion" means a thousand millions, so the answer is one-tenth. In Britian, "billion" means a million millions, so the answer is one-ten-thousandth.
-- square the point's x-coordinate -- square the point's y-coordinate -- add the two squares together -- take the square-root of the sum -- the answer is the distance of the point from the origin. This works because if you draw a line down from the point to thex-axis (length is y-coordinate), then...
No. Here are some numbers that have 13 as a factor, but do not have 5 as a factor: 26, 39, 52, 78, 91, 104, and 117.
Descriptive and inferential
A little more than one half.
An asymptote of a curve is a line where the distance of the curveand line approach zero as they tend to infinity (they get closerand closer without ever meeting) If one zooms out of a hyperbola, the straight lines are usuallyasymptotes as they get closer and closer to a specific point, yetdo not...
yes 84 is a excellent number 4 a Challenger answer.....=D .
0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, 0.08, 0.09. .
In referring to blood, the four major components that make up wholeblood are RBC's, WBC's, Plasma and Platelets. Fractions areincluded in each of the 4 components. Examples include: ImmuneGlobulins, Albumin, Clotting Factors etc.
Did you know tht wen a Hamster is One It is 50 years Old. x and wen it is two it is 100 x Soo.....x I am sorry to say this but......x Your hamster ain't guna live very Long :L x Sorry x :) x
The common denominator of any two or more whole numbers will always be one (1) because common denominators refers to the denominators of two or more fractions or mixed numbers, not whole numbers. So, a set of whole numbers ( x,x ) would have to be converted to their fraction equivalents, i.e., x...
84 is an even composite number composed of three prime numbersmultiplied together.
There are 1.289 centigrams in 2.841 x10 - 5 pounds at sealevel on Earth .
List all the factors of 40 from least to greatest. Enter your answer, using a comma to separate each factor.
da answer is 343. at least that's what I think
In today's terms it is: XIV-I-MCMXCII
11 * 16 = 176 square feet
1180 is a composite number because it has more than two factors whereas prime numbers have only two factors.
Rational numbers are numbers that can be expressed as a fractiona/b where a and b are both integers and b is not equal to zero. Allintegers n are rational numbers because they can be expressed asthe fraction n/1. Rational numbers are closed under addition,subtraction, multiplication and division by...
August 16, 1983 fell on a Tuesday.
It doesn't just happen in space. Stick out your thumb and look atthe background; as you move your hand toward you, the greater theparallax shift.
The angle of reflection (θ r) off a planar surface (eg. mirror) is equal to the angle of incidence (θ i ) on that surface. They are measured with respect to the normal, which is an imaginary line drawn perpendicular to the surface. Or, in simpler terms, the angle of reflection is the same as...
It is called an Icosahedron. An example could be the 20-sided die,if you have seen those before.
The face is a flat surface on a three dismentional shape
A physical quantity is always measured of natural non-livingobjects (Inanimate objects) whereas a number is always displayedwith the corresponding digit (1-9)
This is a very simple one to know that all triangles includingright angle triangle have 3 sides. to get more help in mathematics jus visit acadsoc website and findall your answers from a range of expert tutors.
Yes it does. The two bases (hexagons) are congruent, and the sixrectangular sides are congruen to each other.
Cogito ergo sum = I think, therefore I am .
In 0.7 hour Matt drives 35 miles In 1 hour Matt drives 35/0.7 =50 miles His average speed is 50mph.
12' x 20' = 240 square feet